Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My Friend Teddy

Great. I've Been Tagged... a photo one this time... get your 4th photo from 4th file. Never mind, thought I. I can Lie. Just get the nicest one and Blog. Easy!
Thought I would have a look at 4th photo in 4th File. What do I get? Me in Garden? Children frolicking in Wood? Husband looking handsome at Beach? Cute ones of kittens?
I get one of a Teddy. My 2nd son's Teddy. Somehow he has sneaked in a picture of Teddy (and his Friend) and now it sits as my 4th picture in my 4th File. The 3rd Picture was of Me and Husband Laughing Gaily in Garden. The 5th one was Sweet Daughter on Swing in dappled sunshine.
4th one... Stuffed Animal.
Bloody Marvellous.

Should say that Teddy is actually my Fifth child.
Have to check that Teddy is with us before every Visit to Grandparents or Friends.
He once got lost when we were staying in Very Large Pile in Scotland. 29 bedrooms. Where the hell do you start to look for Teddy in a House That Size?
Looked. Looked more. Turned every pillow, cushion, Suit of Armour inside out(yup!Suits of Armour!)
Checked all bathrooms. Library. Dining Room. Drawing Room. Morning Room. Boot Room. Round Room. Ball Room. (!)
Son had to go to bed Without Teddy. It was Unbearable. His little face, bravely facing a lonely night, was pale and anxious, and fighting back the tears.
Will we find Teddy, he wanted to know.
Course we will! we answered.
Left him in his room. All alone. In Huge Four Poster Bed. Looking small and lost.
Ran round the house like Mad Things. Oh, and the Garden. Just a Thousand Acres or so. (Not really, but must Exaggerate or it's a little dull, don't you think?)
The next morning I was in the kitchen. We had looked Everywhere.
Sat down in Exhaustion next to Huge Aga in nice comfy chair. Sighed. Felt, inexplicably, that One Buttock was higher than the other. Lifted it a little and lowered it again.
Shifted in seat. Got off it. Checked under cushion.
The Ecstatic reunion! The Joy! The Wonder! I Hugged Teddy Tight. Had tears in my eyes.
Ran to find Son.
The Look on his face...

So, Meet Teddy.
He's the Dude on the Right, by the way.


geraldgee said...

My grandson's teddy is called stinky and has a chewed off nose everywhere grandson goes,Stinky goes.

cheshire wife said...

Teddy does look a bit squashed!

Jane said...

I got tagged at the same time as you. I had hoped I would have found a better photo!

But I am jealous - you have an AGA!

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

We often lose Lulu, 3 year olds lamb ... and she is often found underneath a pile of something. We have lots of piles in our house (of the laundry, book, general mess - NOT bottom piles I may add).

She often goes on jaunts, and each time my heart hurts!

Mummy said...

Awww, teddy looks adorable. The bean has his bunny that he sleeps with every night.... We bought him a teddy before he was born specially for the job, sadly he still looks almost new....the bunny that the cow who lived next door bought him however, he took a real shine to. Bloody typical!

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

That makes this picture extra special and it is a good thing that you posted it. No dull story with this one.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I can just imagine the trauma of it all LWM. I'll bet, when you found him, the look on your face was a picture as well. A x

claires inner world said...

We have Teddy, Duck and Bunny (very imaginative, my children...) I spend half my life searching for one or other of them. Last time, Small Son had hidden them in the tumble drier and then forgotten where he'd put them...

Far Side of Fifty said...

Thanks Teddy is rather adventerous! I really enjoyed it! :)

Catharine Withenay said...

Teddy it the most important thing in the world - don't knock it! My son's still has to come everywhere, and it is three times the size of yours. Fine if you can just throw it in the back of a car; less easy if you want to fly cheaply with EasyJet...

Anonymous said...

I still have my teddy and he's much loved.

Although I can manage the odd night without him without too many tears!

imbeingheldhostage said...

You see?! THAT's why there's memes-- if left on our own devices, there's no telling what we'd blog about. I loved this. Teddy needs a Norfolk holiday, don't you think?

Ladybird World Mother said...

Geraldgee - Stinky, eh?! Short for anything, or just to recall the odour...bless him!
cw - Yup! He is Very Much Loved and looks a hundred, not just ten years old!
Jane - oh, I wish I did have an aga, but that was in that Huge Pile... having said that, we did have one when we lived in suffolk and I LOVED it!
Laura - I am so glad that you dont have any bottom piles... this is good... and I know that feeling when those stuffed animals go missing... you're right, the heart Does hurt!
Mummy - !!! is it bright pink or green? We once had an awful frog that someone gave Eldest... he was awfully fond of it for a while, then lost interest. Thank God For That.
TFTW - Thank you! I must say I struggled when I first saw picture... but am glad I did. And so is son whose Teddy it is. He is thrilled!
Anne - You are right, I probably looked totally mad with joy!X
Claire - !!! lol with the tumbler drier... and just Love the names they have chosen... so sweet!
FSOF - Teddy is just a little too adventurous.. but on this occasion was quite sensible to cuddle up near vast aga and rest!
CW - I can imagine a Really Huge Teddy and Easyjet!! lol ... Still having quiet giggle this end...
mud - you are obviously a Very Big Girl, Mud! Still have mine too... a very old Panda bear with no fur left. Nice.
imbeingheldhostage - !!!! you are so right. If I had got the picture of me and Husband laughing gaily in garden it wouldnt be nearly so punchy a post.. And yes Teddy definitely needs a Norfolk Holiday!!!X

Jane said...

By the way.
I've awarded you a special blog for attitude - drop by and collect!

Vodka Mom said...

That was great!!!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Jane - thank you so much!!! Will come and collect it forthwith... how very exciting.
VM - am so pleased about your Holy Crap, as it were!!!! You clever girl. Cant wait to hear more.XX

Anonymous said...

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