Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Welcome, Mr President

Ok. It's Day One in your new job. You have a brand new sparkling office. Your desk is quite big and posh. Everyone is really Polite to you as you are the New Boy. They tell you where the coffee machine is and where the loos are.
Then they leave you alone in your Posh Office.
There is a silence. You stare out of the window. It is rather a Nice View.
Suddenly you get an overpowering feeling to dance. Excitement fills your bones. You stand up. And Boogie. For Quite A Long Time. I've Got The Jo-ob! I've Got The Jo-ob!
This is my rather fond view of Barack Obama this morning. Dancing for pure joy in that Oval Office. Doing a quick high five to the portraits round the wall. Shouting out of the window, 'I've Got The Jo-ob!'
But I think it was probably a little different.
Bet he was shattered.
Bet he was a little over-awed by that view.
Bet he longed for a coffee but didn't like to ask.
Bet he needed the loo but held on.
Bet he couldn't eat all his breakfast.
Bet he pretended to be Confident and President-like.
Bet he felt sick.

Good luck, Mr President.
You are going to do Just Fine.
You have to. We are all counting on you.


Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I'm sure it's daunting! Still, I'm having a hard time imagining him coffeeless. ;-)

Zoƫ said...

I had visions of him saying 'Who's the Daddy?'


Mummy said...

I can't even imagine ho he must have felt - surely even Superman must feel a little overwhelmed and humbled some times. Wow

Troy said...

I was just worried that with his new boy nerves he'd mistype his new works address into his satnav and end up in the Yeovil office.

I suppose living over the shop helps.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Jen - too right, bet he worked out that coffee machine (whats her name again?) right fast. Man has to have his coffee.
Zoe - !!! Really loudly and out the window??!
Mummy - amazing isnt it... I just cant imagine how awesome it must be to finally get there.
Troy - !!! Yeovil!!! Still giggling. Just the thought of how those Yeovilites would deal with that kind of charisma... they'd probably say he was a bit up himself and put him down for 'buying the milk' duty.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Thought he seemed slightly nervous during his inaugeration but who wouldn't be. He has a huge task ahead of him but I have a feeling he will "step up" and just get on with it.

I live quite close to Yeovil so I'll make his coffee if there's no-one else to do it - poor lad! A x

wonderwoman said...

i would not want to be in his place - there are such huge expectations! must feel like a ton weight on his shoulders. but i have a feeling if anyone can cope then he probably can. lets hope so!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it took before he can to call IT to ask how to log on to the system....

Tessa said...

Wasn't it him who said, "Sometimes you wake up in the morning and wonder where to begin...."?

Bet that's what he's thinking right now.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Anne - Ahhh! He'll be fine then! Must be so incredible to start a job when Everyone in the Whole World knows that you are! A little pressure I would say...
Wonderwoman - absolutely agree, I have lots of faith in him, but it must feel like a Huge responsibility.
Mud - !!!! Or HR to get his name tag corrected.
Tessa - how relevant is that! Amongst it all, he must be so thrilled to have the chance to put some things right.

Junosmom said...

Well, as for the loo, I hear he has his own private one -right there. So, he's okay on that score. I don't doubt the man hasn't one private moment. His life as he knew it is over. A new one has begun. I do like the idea of being for a moment along and doing a little gig.