Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It's Not For Me.

This Feedjit thingymejig. It's a load of bollocks really.
It's that little counter to your right. Innocuous looking thing. But very bad indeed for the Self Esteem.
Live Traffic Feed, it says. Yer wot?
Food for Traffic? Little men with baskets offering Light Refreshments?
Nope. It is the Annihilation of the Human Spirit. That's what it is.
You stare at that little counter and see that London has just arrived. That's you.
Well, you think, I know that I have arrived. Because I am Here.
But then someone from Kentucky arrives.
Ooh! You think...
Kentucky leaves.
In comes Colchester.
And so it goes on. People from all over the damned world arrive.
And leave.
And arrive.
And leave.
Now you all know that I Never Count Comments.
But get this...
Frome, Somerset arrived and left.
Dartford, Kent arrived and left.
Ramsgate, Kent arrived and left.
Bamberg, Bayern arrived and left.
Manchester arrived and left.
Montana, Quebec, Massachusetts, Alabama, Bronx, New York, and my personal favourite, Toowoomba, Queensland, all arrived. And Left.
Oh, yes, and bloody Benidorm.
Think am going to put Feedjit where the Sun don't Shine.
It's rather like going to a Party and seeing lots of people and they all Look Resolutely Ahead rather than come up and say Hiiiii!
(But will quietly keep it there for another day or so.
Just to look at occasionally.
Not that I am looking really.
Or counting.)
Might just have a little peep at Feedjit.
Oh! Shhhh! Somerset is here.
Be Very Very Quiet, and they might leave a Comment. They might become a Follower! They might...
Grrrrrr. Left.
Gone. Without a trace.
Heavy Sigh.
Oh, well. Better get some food on the table. You will be glad to hear that lunch today is not Filthy. Just old and out of Freezer. What my brother calls Recycling.
Its the Snow, you know. Any excuse.


Anonymous said...

Had to comment. Feeling sympathy. Although only visiting from London. Not somewhere exciting. Like Benidorm.


Mummy said...

I feel the same with mine! lol The most common visitor - is ME! lol Still, here's a comment for you not to count. xx

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

I have left this comment once and it disappeared.

Feedjit is rubbish. It says I am in London. I am not, it lies. I am in Yorkshire.

I bet Benidorm is a damn sight warmer than Yorkshire.

You removed the word 'b*llocks' from your top banner - so I have had to add it to my latest post title.

Galtee said...

Also had to comment from grey-skyed slushy Waterford, Ireland. Not glamourous. Rarely leave comments as feel not so word proficient as writers like you.But love your style. Will visit often! Moz

Diane said...

It made me crazy at first, too. Move it to the bottom of the page, so you actually have to go looking for it. When it's right there in your face, it makes it harder. You can remove your own machine, too, so that you don't show up in your list (I'd be my most frequent visitor!).

There are lots of times when I just can't think of anything to say (shocking, I know) or when I need to think about a post before commenting... and then I forget to come back and comment. And now I have so damned many blogs on my list, and they're all good, and I just don't have the time. Speaking of which, I really ought to do some real work, so I'll shut up now and get to it!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Just like Mummy - I'm my most frequent visitor, hee-hee! The most important thing is, that people do drop by. I always try to leave comments wherever I go, but I try to remember, that others don't always have a lot of time. Me - I've got more time than sense, so I comment with gusto!
I love your blog...I'm a follower...I'll be back!!!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Question for Diane...how do you remove yourself? I'd really like to do this!

Nicole said...

I always leave comments!!! Have a wonderful day and don't beat yourself up over that counter thingamajig :)

Lindsay said...

I leave quite a few comments but I am not a good writer or creative with words so sometimes I visit, laugh and come again!

geraldgee said...

Here's Frome again...yes bearing comment.

Anonymous said...

Award for you at mine as well! Pop over and pick it up.

Miranda said...

Isn't it annoying! I've moved mine down to where I can't see it anymore. Hey at least people are coming to the party....

So anyway, here I am, commenting for a change (!) from across the ocean in Tanzania...

Troy said...

Like so many others I too have arrived but unlike them I may leave a comment....
I would like to order the Ladybird boy's coat aged 7-8 in the dark blue but can't find the correct tab on this webpage.
Where are the Ladybird shoes? This is not an easy website to navigate.
Surely there must be an "add to basket" somewhere here?
I hope if Mothercare buy this Ladybird website they will improve the variety of items in stock.
I don't think I'll leave a comment.

Granny on the Web said...

I am guilty of popping in every day you blog, I don't always leave a comment. Perhaps it would be suffice to say 'I was here' will it? Just so you know you've been read. OK, will do
I am the most frequent visitor to my own page, I also have one of the counters in question, I have moved it down a bit as it got depressing to keep seeing 'myself' had visited.... again!
Love Granny (*!*)

MrsMama said...

Leaving a comment from cold Kansas. Not a cold comment though. A warm, happy comment, full of good will and cheer. :)

Scrimcat said...

Okay, I come up as London, eben though I am in Edinburgh (through the elaineandherfamily blogspot) Very much enjoy reading other peoples ramblings, but not much of a rambler myself, so I read, laugh and move on. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Haven't tried the feedjit thingy. But I do like to know if someone's visited although a lot don't leave comments. Probably don't know what to say half the time.

CJ xx

Google Mummy said...

London calling with an old fashion comment. feedjit is like witchcraft....should be burnt at the stake.

Vicus Scurra said...

What? We're meant to comment? As if your posts are not perfection in verbal form.
Try writing bollocks like dear old Boris, and the commenters will crap all over you like a very big, crappy thing.

Elaine said...

mea culpa from Somerset. (if I made you a nice cup of tea in reparation would that me mea maxima cuppa?)

tho am horrified to see that I come up as Swindon, have never been to Swindon, really, really don't come from there, or ever wish to go there.

lunch here was delicious despite snow - but only because my husband made it. Home made fishcakes.

Kitty said...

Your Feedeejit thing (or whatever it's called) says I live somewhere I don't. Oh well, I am here, and I usually do comment. Some folks just aren't friendly are they? Or maybe they're shy? Or their fingers are so f-f-f-f-f freezing they can't type? Mind you, that shouldn't be the problem in Benidorm, should it?

I'm rambling aren't I? I'll go.


Robynn's Ravings said...

You KNOW I love you! And I overpost so I declare I must receive a pass if I don't post.

Personally, I love Feedjit. I do wonder if I'm boring everyone to death since my counter flips and flips but I don't see as many comments as it would be fun to see. (Do we ever?)

I have sent all of my readers here and I invite all of yours to come visit me. And PLEASE comment or sign up to follow. I am ridiculously needy but will try to repay your efforts with entertainment. Today you can read about gophers attached to body parts. I feel that's a good exchange rate. Hey! I even mention London and Madonna. (Sorry I may have gone too far.)

Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh my giddy aunt... what is happening. Comments Galore. Not that I am counting, you understand.
Middle son is Not Well, and calling out weakly for Crushed Nettle Soup, or something, so don't have much time to answer to these SPECTACULAR comments. Even with the rambling, Kitty!
You are all truly Blogtastic.
Oh, god, he wants 'a drink that's not water' now. Nursing so isn't my thing.
'Coming, Darling!'

Ladybird World Mother said...

Crikey, Robynn, you crept up without me seeing you! Love you too, girl! And I will personally drag all my blogettes over to your blog, because it Rocks.XX

Working mum said...

Was I Manchester?!

Does it count me if I'm reading you on Google Reader? That's how I read most posts and then just pop in if I want to leave a comment.

Glad I don't have one if it would make me that paranoid!

Denise said...

I had to leave a comment if only to register that not every one just arrives and then leaves again. I stayed long enough to read all the comments too!

Kevin Musgrove said...

If you get rid of it you'll lose out on the opportunity to find out all the peculiar ways people find your blog!

cheshire wife said...

I would like to know when London moved to Cheshire or has Cheshire moved to London? according to your Feedjit thingie.

Suburbia said...

Bristol, arrived, commented and left!!!

Helen P said...

I couldn't not comment after that! Though as I follow you via RSS feed on my Google Reader I probably don't show up on your feedjit!

Love the blog. :-)

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Peachtree City, Georgia here. Not the country Georgia, but a state in U.S.A. You know that because you have Feedjit. It shows a little flag next to my identity. You can change your options in Feedjit so it ignores you. Click on Options; select Ignore My Browser. Viola! Your identity is now blocked from appearing on Feedjit until you tell it to stop.

I lose myself in Feedjit's many ways of identifying visitors. I look at the world map with all its many flags. I watch live feed. I've had visitors from as far away as Japan. They didn't leave a comment. Oh well...

Miranda said...

Here I am again! Commenting again!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I'm in as Bridgwater today (amazing as I don't live there) but have crept in from time to time, from other parts of the country without leaving the house and without commenting - sorry. Know what you mean though. A

Ladybird World Mother said...

WM - God knows what you were...from Benidorm??! Now, what is this google Reader?? Another thing for me to get paranoid about.. must go and see what this is. Oh god. Another Addiction. Please no.
Denise - thank you for leaving a comment And for reading everyone else's!! What a player.
Kevin - I must say, it is quite good fun seeing where and how they got here... and where they go to. Bit Big Brother'ish.
CW - I live in London too. Apparently. Thick as shit this Feedjt thing!
Suburbia - And very well done too, if I may say so... Thank you!
Helen - Oh no, google reader again. Had just forgotton all about it, and will now have to go and see what it is and have Another Addiction. Yeh! Oh, and Thanks for your comment!!
Debra - Peachtree City... what a Brilliant name that is. Wow, must have a look at that map thing before I say goodbye to this feedjit thing... thanks for all the techno blurb. Will have a go!
Miranda - Thank you! Again! No, seriously, thanks for stopping by and saying something...
Anne - Bridgewater, eh? This Feedjit thing is quite inventive... just cant wait for comment from Benidorm!! Thanks for all your comments because they are always kind and much appreciated. X

Ladybird World Mother said...

As I was a lazy arse yesterday and spent the day reading comments and hurling food at sick son, will now take the time to answer comments... having already answered the latest ones... god this is complicated...
Mud - please be Benidorm. No one is owning up to that one...
Mummy - Yup, I am my most frequent visitor.. glad you are yours!
Laura - oh! thats where my bollocks went to.. will have to go and have a look at them on your blog...
Galtee - how kind to leave a comment! Come back soon...
Diane - hope you got some Real Work done.. I havent!
NN - oh goody, another stalker on their own blog... just like me! Nice to see you... love your comments!
Nicole - am very glad that you leave comments, and that you have left one here... Thank you!
Lindsay - but you've left one now... thank you! Thinking about it, you are a good one for comments, and they are always nice ones!
gg - Frome, eh... damnit, when will I see Benidorm... nice to see you anyway!
Mud - oh thank you so much! How damn exciting... will come over and get it.. Yippee!
Miranda - Tanzania, eh... now thats rather exciting... isnt this blog thing mad, the way we can communicate across all those miles...
Troy -
'I think Sir will find that as this is Not A Lady's Wear Shop, it will be hard to add anything to your basket but may I ask Sir most respectfully to go and get into his.' (there, no need to be a number anymore)
Granny - am so glad that you come over and see me... and leave comment! And always nice ones...
Mrs Mama - a warm comment is the best... thank you to you in Kansas... wow!
Scrimcat - that is just so mad, that you come up as London when you are hundreds of miles away...feedjit IS an eejit.
CJ - too right. sometimes it just isnt the right moment to leave comment, and you forget to go back... thanks for yours!
GM - am inclined to agree and will burn at stake but not for a few days...!
VS - You are Too Kind... as always. Now, do I want to have crap on me like a very big, crappy thing....um...
Elaine - its alright, I believe you that you have never been to Swindon. Because you had Home Made Fish Cakes. Wow. Oh, and get that kettle on. A brew would be excellent!
Kitty - nice rambling! And dont mention Benidorm because they still havent left a comment and I am longing to know who they are...