Thursday, 19 March 2009

Counting... 1,2,3...

Now you all know I never count. Comments, that is.
Or Followers.
But I seem to have a problem. My counter on Followers has quite clearly Got Stuck.
On 52.
Now. 52 is a very nice number. One of my favourite numbers, in fact.
Or at least it was my favourite number.
But even Favourite Numbers tend to Pall after weeks of not going up. Or, God Forbid, going down. (Once Lost a Follower... devastating)
So. Without Begging or anything, I would like to have more Followers. Like 53. Or 54. Even 52 and a half. No reason or anything. Not that I will even check. Much. If at all. Only sort of noticed the 52 thing because look every day in a sort of Eeyore sort of way. And notice, in an Eeyore sort of a way, that it is Still at 52.
What do you think?
Do you think I have got a Bit Dull? You know, jolly little posts about Wifely Things might start to get a tiny bit dull after the 37th one. Or do you reckon they are all laughing so hard that they have to go and change their pants and then forget to press that follower button? Or they are so distracted by the brilliant comments made by everyone that they Bugger Off to another blog without a By Your Leave?
(Sssshhhh. People might be listening and I don't want them to realise that I care a Monkey's Arse about my followers.)
No, no, of course I Care About My Followers. I love each and every one. I just have to appear to have Extreme Nonchalence about How Many. Otherwise I become a Desperate Blogger. And that Simply Must Not Happen.
You think I am Desperate Already?
In that case will write an Airy Little Piece on Amusing Thing That Happened Today.
It's Boring?
Surely not.
Perhaps a Heartfelt Number on Children Growing Up?
Done it?
Oh, dear.
Ok, how about a Joyful Acclamation on Nature's Miraculous Healing Powers?
It's Bollocks?
Bugger it.
Well, in that case will have to rely heavily on writing more Total Toss with lots of Capital Letters and Swear Words.
This Blogging Malarkey is hard work.
52 indeed.
Think will take up New Hobby which doesn't have Followers.
But where would be the fun in that?
So, back to Square One.
Two, three, four....


Tatersmama said...

Can I half-join? That would put you up to 52 and a half... which is better than just plain old 52.
Oooh oooh ...I know!
I'll tell all my friends to come on over and if they don't start following you, I'll do something... ermmm... dastardly to them.
How does that sound? ;-)

Sir Bruin said...

Clearly, your readers are so overwhelmed by mirth that they are unable to press that follower button. Their loss, I think.
As numbers go, 52 is ok. Number of cards in a pack. Answer to Life, the Universe and everything (plus 10). The biggest half when viewed as a percentage. Number of weeks in a year. Hope this helps!

Elaine said...

oh, go on then...

have just been looking after 11 month old twins for the morning, will do anything at the moment for a quiet life!

Milla said...

your lucky to have so many you greedy ladybird you! I've only got 14. 2 left. I don't know who, they just left and am feeling paranoid. I hadn't realised I had any until I got lost on my dashboard (easily done) and saw them and most of them don't even comment so all rather weird. I don't know how they became followers, what following means or any of it.
So you be happy with 52!!!! Me, I'm trying to comfort myself with lies about small being beautiful. sob.

Milla said...

by which I mean you're, of course, not the illiterate your. D'oh. Perhaps that explains only 14. more sob.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm already a follower, but I could join again. I actually think that I can take credit for several of your peeps. I see that Robynn and Katie Tatie came over after I sent them!

I think that you just need to move your "followers box" up to the top of your page. People just don't scroll down far enough to see it. Honest to goodness - if you move it, I'll bet that you'll double your number of followers in a day!

Sir Bruin may be right too. It's hard to find the follower button when you have tears running down your face! (And to be perfectly honest - sometimes I'm laughing so hard I have to run to the bathroom (or loo as you would call it), so that I don't wet my pants!

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, I see you've made it to 53. Congrats!

geraldgee said...

If I become a follower would you run away with me ?

Troy said...

Suggest you change from Imperial followers to metric followers. Metric numbers always seem to be bigger.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Don't you DARE leave us! Of course, I know you wouldn't. This is TOO cathartic even though trying to give them something that is remotely entertaining gives me the shivers at times, too.

I'd join again if I could and you KNOW I've told my followers to head over here, in spite of your bloody potty mouth. LOL

I haven't seen you at MY PLACE for sometime though....hmmm.....don't you DARE stop following. I'll have spasms.

Mrs Troy said...

I am now a follower although I have been reading your blog for a long time now and find it really funny. Quite often ending with tears running down my face from laughter - particularly loved your MacDonalds posting.
You should move your followers listing higher up your blog (but Troy says still just below your Troy Stalwart badge).

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

You were at 55 by the time I popped in LWM and I just made 56 hope you are feeling much happier now. A x

Kevin Musgrove said...

it seemed important to you...

Tatersmama said...

Yep, I agree with the folks who said to move your "follow" thingie up (see? I know how to use big words) closer to the top of your page.
That way, when people come to read your latest post, it's right THERE staring them in the face.
You can lead a horse to water, but sometimes you gotta shove their heads in the trough at the same time. ;-)

Pam said...

I think I'm 59, so rest assured we love your blog.

The Dotterel said...

...and I'm number sixty! But there is something funny about 'Follower' at present, not least the fact that the last few blogs I've clicked on (yours included) have then uploaded a profile pic I haven't had in ages. How to explain that?

Ladybird World Mother said...

Guys, you are just the best... this is all tongue in cheek, as it were (that does sound so ghastly as a double entendre, wouldnt you say) but, very quietly, you understand, I like the odd bit of feedback, as am pathetically needy as blogger. There. Better than therapy.
Now, back to business...
tatersmama - half joining aint half a good idea... you are such a blogger mate... thank you!! X
Sir B - Gosh, you have made me like 52. Just as its not 52 any more. will have to do new post lamenting not being 52 anymore. !
Elaine - 11 month old twins. My word... have you any hair left? Quiet lives are good, eh!
Milla - But I love you Milla! Isnt it loathesome when people stop following... dont get it. Its like leaving a party and shouting as you go... I am Leaving because this is such a bad party. Byeee! Too sensitive, me.
NN - move my follower box? Oh, crikey. Cant move any boxes, as it were, on computer. Much too complicated. but very glad indeed that you have to change your pants. Will send you some more. !x
CS - Thank you!! So exciting. Counter not stuck any more!!
gg - Any time, GG, any time. Where shall we go? Not MacDonalds, if you dont mind.
Troy - oh, trust you, Troy, to add to my dry cleaning bill again. Coffee. Trousers. Will you PLEASE stop making me spit things out. As it were.
Robynn - Oh, Robynn, would never leave... and have been over to your place last night... as you will see by the comment. Oh dear, you think I have a potty mouth? will clean up act. A Bit. Thanks for following me. Will now be a better follower, promise! X
Mrs T - Oh Hooray!! and am glad about tears of laughter... as for moving my box... as it were... this is technicially Very Hard. But will look into it, Below the Troy Stalwarts, I promise!
Anne - I am, I am! Do you know, people are just so nice. Did this in jest, but am so pleased with how nice you all are! X
Kevin - you havent? have you? clicked that button? Thank you!!x
Tatersmama - I think this is the way to go... really have to get my head round how it moves... watch this space!
Pam - Oh, thank you!! This is so nice...
The D - Thank you my friend...and whats this about profile pics... will have to have a go myself. Will report back. Thanks again...x

family affairs said...

Ok I'm now a follower but wondering how you've got so many? I'm way behind you and I'm very depressed about it. lx

Troy said...

Okay, I promise I'll try my best in future to prevent you spitting things out. Truth be told, I prefer a lady who swallows. Oops!

Ladybird World Mother said...

family affairs - thank you so much!! I have got mine by begging. Basically. And pleading. Works a treat.X
Troy - you are a Bad Boy. Mrs Troy must be a Saint. And not spit.
(word verification... ightshn... sound of swallowing?!)

imbeingheldhostage said...

well stink. I tried to follow some more, but it won't let me-- I tell myself that when you lose a follower, it's because someone has deleted a blog. It happens, really.

Ladybird World Mother said...

imbeingheldhostage - really? really, really?! Silly to mind, because who cares, really. (me)
And thanks for trying to follow again. Thats friendship for you!

Anonymous said...

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