Friday, 29 January 2010

Young At Heart

Simply have to share this one with you. Today I had a lovely comment from Midlife Jobhunter who said that she was going to show my post to her mother. Which she did. Her mother Old? Who? Me? then Hugely Kindly put a link on her post back to mine. Still with me?
Anyway, while I was over at her place, as it were, was looking down through her older posts, which are fab, by the way, and came to one about a group of old people, called Young at Heart, who sing.
My God.
These people Rock! They are pretty well all over 80 years old. They sing in public and people LOVE them. I absolutely INSIST that you take a look at one of their songs.
A little intro is needed here.
Recently, a fair amount of people I know, or know of, have died. And it rattles one's cage somewhat.
Firstly, it's damned sad. And secondly, it's damned frightening. People of my age. Younger. So sad and so sudden.
And then older people. Leaving behind a darling wife or husband. Children. Family. Friends.
What with being nearly fifty (August, shall I have a Blog Party?!) and what with all these people dying, have felt pretty shook up.
Until today.
Until I saw this.
The man singing this is on oxygen. His friend had died the day before, the one he was going to sing this particular song with.
Please listen to it.
No longer do I need to be scared of dying, or death. All that bollocks that we have to go through simply because we are what we are. Mortal.
Simply not going to get my knickers in a knot anymore.
Because the human spirit is Extraordinary. Blinding. Glorious.
Look at that old man. Isn't he just the the Best?


Barb said...

Well, I came to visit from Bernie's link, and I'm not disappointed. However, now I must go back to Bernie to hear this man you speak of... Who are we kidding - we write both for ourselves and for those unknown others who might happen upon our Blogs! Glad you finally made it over 120!

wonderwoman said...

great post - i think we all have thoughts about death at some time or other, especially, as you say, when we lose someone close. I have read old, who,me - what a wonderful lady - am gonna google the singers in a minute!


trash said...

Definite blog party in order in August.

DJan said...

I saw Young@Heart in the movie theater here in Bellingham, and then I got it from Netflix. It is available there, the whole movie, which will make you cry, it's so wonderful! Yes, there are several really wonderful ancient people in that movie, watch it to be uplifted!

Janna Qualman said...

Oh my goodness. I can't tell you how much I'm moved by that video. Thank you for posting it.

And you should absolutely have a blog party!

Troy said...

Am I missing something - where's the link to this video? How do I find it?
PS - I'm also writing this comment whilst on oxygen (and also nitrogen but I tend to ignore that part).

Neas Nuttiness said...

I've seen this group on TV - sometimes they really rock out:-)

I needed this today - my best friend had a heart attack this morning...and had a stent put in.
We are the same age, and we really fit the old addage that true friends are one soul residing in 2 bodies. Can't imagine my life without her.

Thanks for bringing laughter into my life!

Anita said...

I heard about the group on TV, but had not seen them. Thanks for putting them in your post and for the chance to see them.
Now that I've seen them, I will look'em up again.
Very heartfelt post. :)
I enjoyed your visit to my blog.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Young at heart indeed LWM. I thought at first you were referring to a group of "golden oldies" singers that I have seen on TV but they live here in UK. They also travel around giving performances. I will be 66 in April - I can't really believe that (except sometimes) because in my mind I am still in my prime.

A blog party for your 50th sounds a brilliant idea, shall I blog you a cake? A x

Alix said...


Thank you Ladybird.

Nancy said...

I've been noticing loss lately, too. People, health, friends, family. This was a great reminder, sung from the heart, that life is as it should be, even with the pain.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Barb - thanks for the visit!! Lovely to meet you.
Wonderwoman - hope you managed to google the singers... they are spectacular!
trash - yippee!! Better start to make a list...
Djan - aren't they so uplifting... its just never too late, eh? wonderful stuff. x
JQ - isnt it just amazing. Cried when I saw it...
Troy - just plug in the oxygen, awfully helpful. Link is on I Saw This... about two thirds through the post.Hope you find it!!xx
NN - oh am so sorry about your darling friend... will think of you both and send up a prayer or 100. Kisses. xxx
Anita - so glad you liked it! Thanks for coming by...x
Anne - oh, a blog cake sounds just the thing!!xxx
alix - ! tears indeed. Hope not too many...xx
Nancy - beautifully put, Nancy... lovely comment. Thank you! x

Anonymous said...

Miss Mud is delighted to receive LWM's kind invitation to attend her Virtual Birthday in August and has great pleasure in accepting!

Ladybird World Mother said...

HOORAY!!! Black tie. And I think champagne galore, dont you??!xxx

Nicola said...

Sitting here with tears in my eyes. That is one of my fav songs which reminds me of my first son who died. I couldn't help but click on the other links of the choir singing - watching them sing Nirvana was sensational. Absolutely brilliant.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh, Nicola, what a loss. Glad these songs were good to you... I have found them to be so inspiring... hugs.xx