Tuesday, 2 February 2010

We did something! We did something for Haiti.

Remember my post about Haiti?
And not knowing what to do about it?
Well, in the light of that feeling really not going away, however much money I was donating, or however much I was sending up prayers for them, felt the need to do More. But how?
A friend bumped into me at Brownies last week. Holding SHEAVES of paper and looking Harrassed.
'You OK?' I asked her.
Kind of glad I asked. Because she told me she was organising a Sponsored Swim for Haiti, and would I like to bring my children along, as it was to raise money for the children of Haiti, raised by children of West Sussex!
''Course we will,' I said, and took the Sheaves of paper from her, in the shape of sponsored forms and leaflets and what have you.
Talked to my children about it. Explained to them that they were going to put some food on someone's table, in Haiti, by what they were about to do. Even get a new table to put the food on. Make a difference.
In short, we found ourselves, my three younger children and I, in the local swimming pool last Saturday. Lots of excited children shivering in their swimming costumes and goggles, waiting for the Off.
Little ones went first. Encouraged at each side (they did widths) by older children, some counting the widths and the rest just yelling and hollering, to help those Tinies go a little faster, or just get to the other side.
I was Astounded.
Youngest, with about eight others, pounded from one side of the pool to the other, over and over and over and over. 55 widths, he did! They all did AMAZINGLY. And the pride on the older childrens faces was fabulous to see. Even if they had no idea of who it was they were cheering for.
My heart was full. We were doing something. And it was good.
Daughter went next. Lengths this time. Same process. People at each end. Calling out and encouraging and Driving them all on. Up and down and up and down they went. Daughter did 23 lengths. Massive. Hugely proud of her.
Next went Middle Son. With all the older children. Up and down and up and down they went. Faster and faster. Us all yelling from the sides.
Middle Son did 28 lengths. How good is that!
It was extraordinary watching these children. Everyone pushed themselves. Everyone tried their very best. For Haiti. There was no Ego here. Just love.
And home we came, knackered. Starving. Youngest looking pale and exhausted.
I asked him if he had enjoyed himself.
'Not really,' he said. 'But we put some food on someone's table, didn't we Mummy.'
We sure did, Youngest. We sure did.


Troy said...

A big well done to all three! As I was reading your posting I had got the impression until virtually the end that you were also swimming.
Eagerly awaited to hear how many lengths you had done.
Oh well, every team needs a manager to supervise and encourage the workers.

geraldgee said...

BRAVO great children you have there.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Oh yes, well done to all of you. So important for our children to learn that we CAN make a difference. They will remember what they did and their sense of achievement in putting food on someone's table. Hugs to all. A x

Ladybird World Mother said...

Um. Didn't really get awfully wet. But did cheer Very Loudly Indeed from the Lines. And provided towels, hugs and nourishment. Does that count??!
gg - thank you! I think so too. xx
Anne - so agree... otherwise we sit by and wait. What for? Thanks for lovely comment! x

Anonymous said...

You have taught your children the most valuable lesson there is.

Alix said...

Now, THAT's a blessing. Oh Ladybird, what a lovely gesture and how wonderful that you got the children involved. And more - how wonderful that they wanted to be involved. That it took some real physical sacrifice and {I imagine} discomfort. To DO for the children of Haiti.

I'm rather proud of you all, actually. And every time I come for a visit, I like you more and more. Imagine that.

DJan said...

What a wonderful story, well told, LWM! And Youngest continues to form himself in my imagination like the most wonderful of souls. Congratulations on your children!

Reasons said...

Bravo you guys!!

Laura said...

Oh, well done Small Ladybirds! Was doing a big cyber cheer for you from here.

Emma said...

Love this post! So sweet & what wonderful children! :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Your kids sound amazing. Mine won't even get their faces wet. Am sending you all a virtual clap on the back.

joolzmac said...

Nice :D


Pam said...

Marvelous! That's a great thing your kids did.

Sir Bruin said...


June said...

Excellent, excellent way to raise your kids!
Very Kennedy-esque. And I mean that in a good way.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Jeff - thank you! although I think I was the one learning something here!
Alix - that was such a lovely comment... made me smile. THANK YOU!
Djan -Youngest is a bit of a hero, although he has his moments! They all are. x
Reasons - THANK YOU!
laura - Wow, we can hear the cyber cheer all the way from here!
emma - so glad you did... makes it all worth while to have such lovely comments.
not waving but ironing - thanks for the virtual clap, as it were!!
joolzmac - thank you!!
Pam - Am rather pleased with them too!
sir b - thank you!!!
June - ah,thanks June... thats a lovely comment...x

Debs said...

Well done, all of you. So impressive.

Kevin Musgrove said...


Tattie Weasle said...

Fantastic if sonewaht exhausting but it's a good exhausting isn't it!

Nancy said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Children are so giving. I just love the sweetness of their souls - and their mothers, too. Always helping little ones become loving and giving. We Are The World.

Working Mum said...

Yes, this disaster really seems to have got to the children. I've never seen the kids at school so galvanised into action over fund raising. We've had a "Hats for Haiti" day, a "Gig for Haiti" at lunch today and some sixth formers are doing a sponsored cake bake (I had to sponsor them, didn't I?) They've organised everything themselves and are raising a lot of money. And teenagers get such a bad press........