Thursday, 7 January 2010

Is it Snowing?

Good Grief.
I know it's winter and all. And I know it gets cold. And I know that sometimes it snows. Which means I had better wrap up warm and stay inside until the weather gets a Tad more Friendly Like.
I know not to go out in my car while it is Icy as my car might skid and I might go into a ditch. Which would not be nice at all.
And so I stay here with my children and we wrap up warm and go outside to make snowmen and then come back in to drink hot chocolate and watch DVDs. And don't venture out in the car as the roads are ridiculously dangerous.
Kind of obvious, really.
Not Obvious at all, it seems.
The BBC News Team have told us ALL DAY that it is Very Cold Indeed.
They have kindly informed us that it is Snowing. Heavily.
They have also instructed us to stay at home and not risk going out in the car.
They urged us in wise tones to wrap up warm.
And then they tell us again. And again. And again. And again. And again.
Any other news?
Oh, Gordon Brown and something or other with Geoff Hoon, but couldn't hear about it for all the talk about Snow. And staying in. Extreme weather conditions. Freezing. Ice. Brrrr.
Every channel on the telly is full of Wintry Pictures.
Cars covered in white.
Stranded on the M20.
Forgive me for being a Tad Obvious here.
But it's Winter Time. It Snows and gets Awfully Cold and Icy.
Doesn't it?
Why on earth are people going out in this? Apart from those who Absolutely Have To, WHY DO PEOPLE DO IT??
We were told so clearly Not To Go Out by those kind BBC people.
And what do people do?
Go out.
'Well, I've been in my car for 12 hours.' said one woman. 'Stuck here on the A3, it's been a long night.'
What a Wally.
Just stay at home, you Daft Dylans! Then those poor emergency people can do some real work, rather than heaving endless cars out of icy ditches.
And we can all watch the news channels.
Except there wouldn't be any news as everyone would be at home.
At least we would get to hear a bit more about Geoff Hoon. That is, if we wanted to. Which we don't.
Happy Winter, everyone!
Oh, and keep warm. It's terribly cold, you know, and there is lots of snow about.
Oh, you knew already? Clever old you!


Lindsay said...

I think, if I had to choose, I would rather hear about cold icy conditions on the news than the tedious tedious tedious politicians - we will be bored rigid before the elections!

Mud in the City said...

I'm verging on a rant about the Nanny State so I will try to breath deeply and cluth my cup of tea. I had sort of gathered that it was a wee bit chilly and oddly managed to put ona jumper without the BBC reminding me....


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Several Bosnians have contacted me with a huge concern about the terrible conditions in the UK (as reported by BBC). I didn't remind them that the cars all slide off the road because no one has winter tyres, everyone is running out of grit because, well, they just always do, all the schools are shut because well, they always do and the amount of snow is not that much really (at least compared to the amounts that come down here on a fairly regular basis) because, well, it never is.

So I'm letting them imagine real proper snow drifting as high as your house blizzards and encouraging them to believe us Brits are a brave, hardy, strong race. May they never know the real truth. I'll never live it down

CambridgeLady said...

Aw the TV people love it - you can almost see the studio presenters smirking as they hand over to their colleagues standing out in a blizzard. We can't deny them their fun surely?

I am so fed up of snow and ice. Your post made me smile - thanks :o)

London City Mum said...

For the life of me (and I am showing my age and disposition here) I cannot get over the OBSESSION the British have with the weather.

Honestly, you would think that no one had EVER been taught about the seasons at school, or told that ice is slippery, or even that - surprise, surprise - in winter it can SNOW and very often it is COLD.

Am so fed up with it all I feel like telling the BBC, the Nanny State et al to take a running jump.

Except they would probably debate about whether this was subject to health and safety regulations... AAAAAAAHHHHHH don't get me started on that one.


p.s. WV 'hyper' - yes, that'd be me then

Alix said...

I wished everyone a happy winter in yesterday's post too. With strong encouragement to stay warm. Great minds think alike. See what the snow is doing to us? And when I say "us," I am including myself here in good ol' Florida. Yep... weather forecast is calling for the possibility of snow here this weekend. I shall most definitely be staying IN, and I don't even have the BBC for that advisory.

Thinking of you Ladybird ~ and I'd be sending toasty warm Florida vibes you way if I had any.

geraldgee said...

Well you must admit snow is good blog material Ladybird Mummy,it's seeing me through anyway. xx

Hearth-mother said...

We had no power for eighteen hours, so I sadly missed all the TV coverage. Do you know what? In my freezing home with no hot water or anything to cook on, and not being able to get out of the driveway, I sort of got the gist all by myself!

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha, ha! My husband always same the same thing. WHY DO THEY THINK THIS IS NEWS??? It is better than hearing about Michael Jackson 24/7 for months on end though.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Lindsay - too true... bring on more ice news!
Mud - me too... well done to get that jumper on without being told... you must have a thing called a Brain. Wow. Wish the BBC knew we had them. x
Brit in Bosnia - just keep up that pretence, for goodness sake! Anyway, the snow here is at least 6 inches... and that is very very deep. ;)
CL - I think they are just a bit too gleeful as they see their poor freezing colleagues up to their... ankles... in snow. Always glad its not me.
LCM - I know... its everywhere. Just been to the butcher. All we talked about was the weather... and didnt we all love it!
Alix - I know, I saw how cold it is with you guys, couldnt believe it... mind you wouldnt mind swapping minus 9 for plus 12... can I come and stay... PLEASE??!!X
GG - sure is... long may it last! But then just about ANYTHING is good blog material to us bloggies, eh?! xx
HM - NO POWER FOR 18 HOURS???? Oh my word, you poor thing... hope its back on now and you can get some warmth back into your toes. And make a cup of tea!
CS - this is true... was getting a tad fed up with the Michael Jackson stuff... but confess I am a little fed up with the snow stories and its only day 2. Dammit. xx

Kevin Musgrove said...

Yes, my 24x7 news is largely limited to two minutes of headlines then dig out the DVD of the Test Card

cheshire wife said...

I know that the snow has been over done on the TV news, but unfortunately some people need it laid on with a trowel. Here in the north west the local BBC news advised people only to go out if essential and they had calls asking what that meant!!

A Happy New Year to you and your family!

Working Mum said...

Yes, you are right. Unless you have a vital job to do (one of my neighbours is a nurse at a local hospital and has been walking to work and back) DON'T GO OUT!

I got really angry today when some idiot on the radio started spouting about the lazy teachers having time off while the schools are closed! I tried to get to school on Tuesday because our school bad weather line said it was open so I had to try, but I got stuck on the motorway, and even if I had got in, the school site is unsafe for children and staff.

I'd rather not risk crashing my car, injuring other people or myself on the journey or at school and then adding to the work of the already stretched hospitals.

Is it really vital that I teach children the finer points of Pythagoras' Theorem this week rather than next?

Pam said...

In two months everyone will be complaing about the rain.
It's the same here in Ohio - but I think most of them are originally from Britain, which explains it!

Troy said...

It might be worth recording some of these snow-filled news programmes to watch in May/June when the news will be full of election campaign reporting!
This global warming isn't all its cracked up to be, is it?
PS - you missed nothing not hearing the "Buff" Hoon item.

elizabethm said...

I must be a bit weird - I quite enjoy all this exaggerated snow stuff from the BBC. I think it is because we have seven tons of the stuff up here and it makes me feel less alone! But yes, I do know to wrap up warm thanks and did you know you lose 90% of your body heat through your head, or so my grandad used to tell me.

Lakeland Jo said...

nearly as bizarre as the people on New Year's Eve who stood on the Thames bank for eight hours with kids waiting to see fireworks, in freezing temperatures. Eh? What is all that about?

1 husband, 2 kids (and lots of books) said...

It happens because some people need constant reminders. Like the mother of the girl who nearly got hit by a car which skidded down from the road above, over the wall and into her front garden. At first it's all shock horror... then you hear that this was the 4th car to have skidded on the road that day / hour whatever... so why exactly did the mother push her daughter out to play in her front garden - beneath a road covered in the bottom of a very steep hill? Now if she'd only stayed inside and kept warm...

trash said...

The media coverage over the past week or so has been a source of much hilarity up here on the hill.

Diane said...

You wanna know something? It's cold here, too! Really cold. Oh, by the way, it's cold out ;)

Seriously, though, even my TEETH were cold when I went out this morning.

Yeah. It's cold here.

Really cold.

Heh heh. ;)

Sir Bruin said...

The irony is that those kind TV people go out in the weather (the same weather that they are telling everyone to avoid unless necessary) in order to take pictures of people who didn't heed the warnings.

To the twat who came stonking past me on the A14 this morning - If you aren't in a ditch somewhere, you deserve to be!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Well I have been out and trudged about in the snow and enjoyed it. But I was wrapped up very warm with long coat, hat, gloves and boots. When I rang my mother (88) yesterday, she complained loudly that she wanted to go out and was fed up with being in. Normally I have a job to get her out of her house! I don't think she can have been watching the news! Ax

WendyCinNYC said...

So, what you are saying's cold?

Ladybird World Mother said...

Lovely comments... thank you all!! All with the same vein of humour and wit... what wonderful folk you all are...
I write this with the news going on behind me... yada yada yada... blah blah blah, snow, cold, weather conditions, cold, etc etc... how much LONGER can I take this news??!! Oh well, good idea of Troy's to record these news items and have them around come the election... cos that will definitely be somewhat Repetitive.
Kisses to you all and KEEP WARM, ITS COLD YOU KNOW. ;) xxx

Hadriana's Treasures said...

It's cold? I'd never have guessed it! ;)

DJ Kirkby said...

We even got some! *collapses with shock* More snow please.

Reasons said...

Oh really is it snowing...I hadn't noticed?!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Hadriana - I know... thank goodness for the BBC to keep us informed!
DJK - You got some too!! Shhh, or everyone will want some. ;)
Reasons - my favourite film, except it was raining... but maybe you werent quoting from it in which case you will be very confused. Now I've made myself confused!

Neas Nuttiness said...

That's all we've been hearing over here(across the pond), but I must say that we've had record cold temperatures in the south. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has died from the hard freezes. Ferns, fish, palm trees and petunias. We had snow, for Pete's sake, and it just doesn't SNOW is these here parts. Last winter we got 8 inches, and this year we got about 3 or 4, and even colder weather. Global warming - my sweet patootie!