Thursday, 14 January 2010

Fighting Tooth And Nail

Today Youngest lost his first tooth.
This is a significant day.
No longer will any child of mine lose a first tooth.
I am now Officially Past all that.
Youngest was particularly proud of himself.
'I didn't swallow it, Mummy,' he said.
Agonising watching him tell everyone at school on arrival.
Prising his mouth open wide with his fingers, he told the story to a less than Rapt Audience.
Children all World Weary with Tooth Loss.
'I've lost 8,' said one little girl, showing us her mouth of gaps and teeth of all sorts and sizes.
'My daddy likes to pull mine out,' said another with a Sigh.
'I've got 2 wobbly teeth Right Now,' said Another.
Youngest looked on, still with hand opening mouth for all to see.
You could see the Deflation.
'Well,' said I, in Joyce Grenfell Brightness, 'Youngest has just lost his Very First Tooth! Well done, Youngest!' And clapped. Hard.
There was a luke warm applause amongst the hardened Year 2's as they took coats and hats off.
Youngest gave up and sidled off to tell his teacher.
Forewarned and all, I also told her in my bright Mummy tones our Wonderful News.
She, bless her heart, picked up on the Significance of the Day, and gave Youngest the Due Attention so lacking from his previous encounter by the Coat Hooks.
And I left, hearing him tell her that he hadn't swallowed it. She was Suitably Impressed.
Sometimes you just have to Fight to get your child Heard.
In a little Sort of Way.


Diane said...

I wish you were my mommy. Which is impossible, I know, as I'm likely older than you. But still.

Clippy Mat said...

love that Joyce Grenfell brightness.
and the teacher that was good enough to 'get it'.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I remember the excitment and novelty of wobbly teeth - and the way that all adults became slightly queasy at the sight of them!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

A significant day indeed - I love that children are so proud of that moment. Could picture the scene at the coat hooks and well done you for making it an Occasion. Did the tooth fairy call as well - I've heard they pay quite a bit for teeth now!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Diane - oh, bless your heart. And no one is older than me. xx
CM - Thank you!! I love that teacher too... she always 'gets it'. Bless her.
Mud - I know... looking hard into a bloody mouth isnt my idea of 'cute'!
Anne - he got £2!! They all do for first teeth. Then after that, it goes down to whatever coin is in my purse... hopefully a 50p.
Expensive thing, tooth fairies. Who bloomin thought THAT one up??!

Anonymous said...

That's definitely an event. I can remember losing my first tooth. Glad the teacher was wise enough to know this was a special moment.

Reasons said...

Ah Joyce Grenfell - "George...don't do that..."

Sometimes (only sometimes) sibblings are the only thing to make it all better.

geraldgee said...

My tooth fairy would leave half a crown.
PS the word verification was "unructic" I'm sure that word could be used for something.. any ideas? xx

cheshire wife said...

I am so glad that we only have to go through that once in our lives.

Working Mum said...

Bless! This is so apt for us; my daughter has her first wobbly tooth, although lots of children in her class have already lost teeth. Unfortunately, my daughter is really upset about losing teeth; any tips what I can say to her to help her with this process?

DJ Kirkby said...

N3S recently lost his first tooth, it was as special as when he cut his frist tooth. In fact the first tooth he lost was the first one he grew. Go figure. Who'd of thought? x

Tatersmama said...

I cried reading this. Why did I cry? Was it the loss of his first tooth and the less than rapt audience... or that Youngest has such a wonderful, understanding mum?
Or maybe it's just because I know I'm having one yanked tomorrow, and nobody by the coat hooks will want to hear my tale either...

What a GOOD mum you are - and Congratulations to Youngest!!

Jayne said...

Oh bless! So glad his teacher understood. And yes, you do need to push a little sometimes :) Or pull, in toothy terms!

Ladybird World Mother said...

CL- I think its that one defining moment we all remember!
Reasons - we have a George in my pre-school at the moment... some wonderful Joyce G moments. We all long for him to do something unmentionable... he hasn't. he is as good as gold!
gg - unructic .... lovely. How about for someone not keen on the country? Or someone never unruffled by life. I LOVE word veris. Fab words every day!xx
CW - Me too... awful to be still doing it at my age... mind you, Husband still has a baby tooth!
WM - oh, bless! Hope she is over her fear of them falling out... awful for them. Just keep her talking to everyone who it has happened too, who is over the age of 30 and has kids. Just to reduce the potential trauma from gruesome stories...x
DJK - my daughter too! Seems so obvious, but how good is that!
Tatersmama - awwww... hope your one yanked out is OK. Or the gap is!! And make sure all those standing by the coat hooks DO LISTEN. I will, if they dont. xx
Jayne - ouch, the thought of pulling! x

Neas Nuttiness said...

Please write a book - the world needs to hear from you!