Monday, 11 January 2010

In Which Youngest is Very Brave

Took Youngest to A & E recently. School rang to say he had hole in his head after falling on a table.
Poor little mite.
Off we went, with Youngest in Unexpected High Spirits Considering and chatting nineteen to the dozen all the way. Me muttering about food shopping and having no time to wipe my bottom (sorry, more lavatorial stuff). In between concerned questions about whether or not Youngest could see properly and did he have a headache.
Youngest hugely brave. Glue poured over hole and all sealed up. Howling with pain. His head pushed firmly into my shoulder where it stayed until he realised the torture was over.
Nurse gave him a teddy which I thought most kind. We called him Sam and Youngest cuddled him tight through his torrential tears.
Came home.
Youngest, needing a little cuddle before bed time, told me how brave he had been.
'I was brave. I didn't cry, Mummy.'
I said, as I have said a million times, 'Brave isn't NOT crying, brave is doing it anyway even when you ARE crying.
'Well,' he said, 'I REALLY wasn't crying. My eyes were just leaking so that water came down my face.'
Oh, I said. In an understanding sort of way.
And hugged him close.
I reckon he was Damned Brave.
Despite the leakages.


Troy said...

You need an accident at school like a hole in the head. I mean, you don't need an accident at school like a hole in the head.
Well, you know what I mean!

Ladybird World Mother said...

!!! Now why didn't I think of that as the title of the damned post!! x

geraldgee said...

Nothing worse than watching a child in pain.Doubly so if it's yours xx

Alix said...

Despite the leakage indeed. Terribly terribly irrefutably impressively brave.

And you get props for being an outstanding nurturing understanding mum.

Anonymous said...

Brave lad :o) Hope he's on the mend now.

wonderwoman said...

what a sweetheart and a very brave little soldier!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to remember that next time I do something stupid and injure myself (shouldn't have to wait long) - "I wasn't crying, water was just leaking from my eyes"

Hope he's feeling better.

Pam said...

Very brave indeed. My hubby used "liquid bandage" once and was not very brave at all. Maybe men get less brave at they get older?

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Poor little boy - very brave indeed. Hope is is OK now. I can sympathise with the leakages - I get them too (from my eyes I mean not because I am past my prime). Was he able to bring teddy home or did he just have a bedside manner.

Working Mum said...

Bless him! Nothing wrong with leaking!

Great stuff that superglue; my daughter still uses it to glue her teddies' heads when they hurt themselves after she had it used on her head (husband dropped her on a rock at Tarn Howes in the Lakes).

Leilani Lee said...

I am just now catching up with you....
"Don't really like hot sausage rolls, Mummy,' he announced.
'Oh,' said I, with Some Sarcasm, 'Well, unless I put them in the freezer, they will just have to stay hot.'
Thanks for this. I seriously needed to laugh out loud. Whew. Now for a quick trip to the potty

cheshire wife said...

Of course this would not have happened if the school had been shut and he couldn't go. Seriously I hope that he is alright.

trash said...

Lovely description of bravery LWM, kind of what it feels like when we watch the smalls get injured.

Diane said...

Bless his heart! And damn those leaky eyes!

Sir Bruin said...

Well done, that boy! Worth a mention in despatches at the very least.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Ah, yes. The fight for bravery. What a good mommy you are.

Ladybird World Mother said...

gg - awful... but he was uber brave. Unlike his mother.xx
Alix - ooh, what lovely words!! Thank you so much...xx
CL - nearly mended, although you can still feel the hardened glue through his hair! xx
ww - thats EXACTLY what I think!! xx
Jeff - and there's no harm in a little eye leakage whenver it takes your fancy! xx
Pam - they seem to sting like mad... and yes, men definitely get a bit more wimpish as time goes by! xx
Anne - he brought the teddy home! Sweet little bear with clothes on, with a really nice little face! He's still on his bed.... nice of NHS, eh?! xx
WM - ouch... poor daughter getting dropped on her head! Glad to hear that superglue works so well....xx
LL - isnt it lovely to catch up with everyone's blog now that life is getting back to normal... glad you liked the sausage rolls story! xx
cw -he is totally fine now... thankfully this was at the time just before the snow when roads were clear... phew! xx
Trash - awful, isnt it, to see someone hurting... but he really was so sweet and brave. xx
Diane - wretched leaky eyes indeed! All dry now though. Phew.xx
Sir B - isnt he a brave soldier. Just like his father. Um. Er. Maybe. xx
MJ - that is a nice comment... thank you so much! xx

Kevin Musgrove said...

Scary. Hugs for the both of you.

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart! That is very brave. And head scars will stand him in good stead for outrageous stories in years to come!

Clippy Mat said...

but that makes perfect sense.
he WASN"T crying.
he was being brave and his eyes leaked against his will.

Tatersmama said...

Good effort! Sometimes it can be hard to deal with things, especially when you have leakage.
But to put on a brave face in spite of it all, is very brave indeed!
I know.
I'm menopausal.