Monday, 23 November 2009

It's That Time Of Year Again.

Long chats about the Christmas Play in our house recently.
'Hooray!' said Youngest the other morning, skipping into school. 'I don't fink I have to be a dancing tree!'
'Hooray!' I said, encouragingly.
'Well,' said Middle Son, 'Don't get too excited. 'You get Crap Parts until Year 6.'
'Sure do,' says Daughter. 'I've always had Rubbish parts.'
And off they went.
At end of school that day, out came Youngest.
'It's Not Good, Mummy,' he said sadly.
Head down.
'What's not good, darling?' I asked with great concern.
Had he hurt himself?
Was someone bullying him?
Had he lost something precious?
Up raced Daughter.
'Hi, Mummy! Guess what, Youngest is a Conker in the play.' And with her devastating news she danced off down the playground for her flute lesson.
A Conker.
'Wow, a conker!' I said with enormous Enthusiasm.
He hung his head again.
'Not a conker?'
'No.' He gazed up at me. Huge eyes.
'I am an Acorn.'
Hollywood, here we come.


Hearth-mother said...

Ah yes, but mighty oaks from little acorns grow!

The Dotterel said...

Ah but... oh, Hearth-Mother's already said it. Yes. But true. (I'll come back when I can think of another acorn aphorism...)

Diane said...

Well, crap... I had the whole oak thing going on, too.

Bless his heart anyway :)

Alix said...

Yes, but to all the Christmas squirrels in the manger, the acorns are the best part! Unless you're talking Obama's ACORN... then I'd be worried and pull your little guy out of the pageant immediately.

Tatersmama said...

Well... Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn", so I think that that's pretty important and worthy business, don't you?
I think whoever chose your son for the part, knew exactly how WELL he's going to carry it off!
The best man for the job, and all that...

Troy said...

Schools don't half mollycoddle kids nowadays. Why can't they just call him a little nut and have done with it!

Pam said...

At least he's not a conker and he'll get to wear a cool hat. And .... okay I've run out of cheesy things to make him feel better. I'd like to know what Christmas play typically has acrons in them? Has the school art teacher gone a bit bonkers?

Ladybird World Mother said...

Hearth-mother - oh, I really hadn't thought of that at all!! Lovely. Will tell him!
The D - nothing like a good acorn aphorism, I always say....;) x
Diane - Oh, dear... come on, there must be more oaky sayings... x
Alix - oh, crikey, hadnt thought of that acorn!! Nope. Nothing to do with our play. x
Tatersmama - wow... another really good acorn quote!! Love it. Shall pass that one on to Youngest too. xxx
Troy - I know... and if there were two... a nice pair of nuts.
Pam - art teacher has definitely gone a bit conkers, I'd say. Paradoxically... the Christmas play is nothing to do with Christmas and is in fact Red Riding Hood... and has a cast of 60Hence the acorns for all Year Ones.
Bless. x

Janna Qualman said...

Oh, but he'll be the cutest acorn ever, I bet! ;)

Tattie Weasle said...

'Tis better to take part and all that guff, so they say but I don't envy you at all - I mean how on earth do you make an Acorn costume???!!!!But well done him anyway...

Kevin Musgrove said...

I can see the appeal of being The Christmas Conker. No wonder he's disappointed.

Mwa said...

I don't know why they do that. Surely it would be better to have them help behind the scenes? I was an egg one year. One of the most humiliating experiences of my life. They could have let me help with props or something.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he could steal the show and start to sprout midway through the performance?

(Obama's acorn? Almost lost my breakfast at that. I must be very naive)

Clippy Mat said...

the Christmas play is Little Red Riding Hood!?
has the world gone mad?
and what kind of acting is involved in being a bleeding acorn for gawds sake. I'd have that teacher fired.

Boyfromoz said...

So he thinks he's got worries! I was invariably cast in the girls' chorus for our annual Gilbert & Sullivan shows at my (all boys) prep school - I looked very fetching in a kimono, I assure you.
Mind you, it must have had a subconcious effect as, for 11 years during my forties/fifties, I took part in traditional English pantomimes put on by a local amateur theatrical group - it was something to do with the tights that made it all such fun!
I'm sure your youngest will give an all conkering performance even as an acorn! Break a leg, kid!

Nancy said...

I'll bet he will be the most adorable acorn you have every seen, though.

Heather said...

oh no, not an acorn! bless him.

Rebel Mother said...

Ah, we all have to start somewhere! An acorn is as good as anything else.

'Break a leg', as they say in the theatre. (It means good luck in your play).

Love RMxx

Expat mum said...

How insulting! Do they sit around and think of the most humiliating things to make the children be? And where do conkers, I mean acorns come into a Nativity play?

Midlife Jobhunter said...

The world needs acorns, too. I'm thinking it will be a most fun play.

cheshire wife said...

So what does an acorn have to do?

Ladybird World Mother said...

JQ - totally is in my book! x
TW - thank god I dont have to make the costumes... that would be total hell. And the poor boy would look a fright. So THATS ok then! x
KM - devastating... fancy not being a conker. Therapy, here we come. x
Mwa - EVERYONE gets a part in this play... even as an acorn... dont think there are any smaller parts, do you??!x
Mud - sprouting mid way through performance is an absolute must... will somehow make sure he does just that! x
CM - I know... a little confusing!! but the play is always tremendous fun... even the acorns will love it on the night. Er. I think. x
Boyfromoz - ooh... you were in pantomimes!! Now that sounds like a real blast...any pics??! x
nancy - he most certainly will be... I will take pictures to show all! x
heather - I know, I know... what on earth will he be next year...x
RM - At least he isn't an ant... other son was one of those one year. Bless! x
EM - Now, come on, isn't it obvious??! No, I don't know how acorns are part of the christmas story... but in fact at this school it isn't a nativity...thankfully...nothing worse than a nativity that isnt a nativity, if you see what I mean. They do a play at our school. With a cast of 60... the whole school! Quite a giggle to watch, I have to say...x
MJ - I know... fancy a world without oak trees... I shall pass on to Youngest how important he is... thanks for that!x
CW - now come on... you MUST know that.... ;) Sing and dance of course...!x