Monday, 31 August 2009

New Man, New Pan

Husband yesterday. Decided to make pastry for pudding.
Which is lovely and All.
Flour to the Armpits.
Every surface Filled to Bursting with Detritus.
Quite a Lot of Bowls used.
And, inexplicably, a great deal of Cutlery.
'Now I can understand why they have Sous-chefs!' he announced cheerfully, as he tipped Another Set of Washing Up into the sink.
'Yes,' muttered Me. 'So can I.'
Plunging my arms into soapy water.


Anonymous said...

I sympathise. Our dishwasher packed in over the weekend. Thankfully it's now fixed at a cost of $70 - much cheaper than the divorce option.

Alix said...

That's also why they have industrial dishwashers!

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Ah but was it edible? Not that I'm suggesting my husband's cooking isn't. Ahem.

Kathy G said...

In our house the rule is "if you make it dirty, you clean it up"! DH cooks dinner every Sunday and is getting better about it

Anonymous said...

That's why I don't cook. I tried once, and the food stains on the ceiling now serve as a constant reminder of why I should never set foot in the kitchen again.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

You and me both. What is it with the need to use every pan in the cupboard and not wash up themselves as they go? My cooking leads to not that much washing up for husband. His, whilst delicious and much appreciated, leads to kitchen carnage.

Valerie said...

Yeah, who DO men use an excess of crocks and cutlery? I could never work that one out. Mind you, he will wash it all up so I've learned never to compain!
Great post LWM ... as ever.

Diane said...

Yeah, that whole 'I'll cook, you clean' routine doesn't ever work out fairly, does it? I never understood how my ex could use 3 pots, a frying pan, 3 bowls, and nearly every knife in the drawer to make hot dogs and microwave mac and cheese!

Leilani Lee said...

I got him beat (to borrow a line from Jaws). I would also have flour in my hair.

Tatersmama said...

I think it's all about praise. They think the bigger the mess, the bigger the accomplishment!
And I can just imagine a lot of men LIKE having the visual messy proof of their long hard labours boiling an egg.

DJan said...

In our home it's just the opposite: my husband cleans up after ME if I venture to set foot in the kitchen. He's the master of the domain and I don't mind one bit!!

Troy said...

Is Detritus your Greek neighbour? You haven't mentioned him before have you?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Part of me still hasn't escaped the bedsit: I can still do most meals with one pan.

Unfortunately, it's the same pan and I've fallen out of the washing-up habit so some days I have to have a cheese butty or something.

(btw: apologies, I've memed you)

simplelife said...

now I know where my husband was last night when he was late home..LOL

cheers Kate

Ladybird World Mother said...

Matthew - Ouch. Not that is not good... glad its back on track. agree that is much much cheaper than divorce option, and much cleaner.
Alix - Aha... must get one of those!
reasons 123 - You know what, it was delicious... or would have been if it hadnt been left in oven too long. Yeurch.
Kathy - well, that is the rule in ours too... but it went a bit haywire on this occasion. Dammit.
Jeff - very wise move. Ceiling stains are such hell to remove, dont you find...
Brit in Bosnia- !!! Oh, I love the 'kitchen Carnage'... thats what was happening here... grrr.
Valerie - he washes them up! How marvellous. ;)
Diane - !! I know, its a blinkin' nightmare... at least they dont get to shave their legs... imagine the mess.
LL - !! And all down your front? And in your shoes? Huh? !!! This is where Husband gets the flour. Oh, and down the back of the kitchen unit. HOW DOES HE DO IT??!!
Tatersmama - !!! You are so right... a little bit of praise wouldnt be enough, would it. Hence the mess. For more praise. You have solved one of the Biggest Mysteries in the Universe, T! Congratulations....!!!!!xx
Djan - Wow. Pause for reflection. I must say, Husband does do Fab Cooking and Does clear up after himself usually. Its just that he uses every blinkin pan in the room. Bless.
Troy - Oh, didnt I mention him? Terribly nice bloke but gets everywhere... gets on well with Husband though, so thats nice...
KM - will send new pan immediately. Loved your meme... will have a go at one but am Extrememely Bad at doing them. x
simplelife - dammit, now you've clocked on. Oh, well, will have to find new cook.
Oh, word veri is Loodpie!! Marvellous, my favourite... wonder if Husband can cook that.

smileymamaT said...

"And, inexplicably, a great deal of Cutlery."

Oh, Oh, my goodness. What a fantastic post. Thanks for that, I desperately needed that great big laugh, thanks. :)