Tuesday, 11 August 2009

100th Post! Well, not, as it happens...

Well, bugger me if I didn't go and do my 100th post and didn't realise!
And my 101st.
And my 102nd.
So this is my 103rd.
Just so you know. And that.
Started this blog back in October of last year. No comments for the first few posts. Then the joy of the first comment. I gave out a huge whoop of thrilled delight. Husband not quite sure what a Comment was.
'Is that good?' he asked, somewhat nervously.
And now?
Have found a voice in me that was buried for years.
(I think, perhaps, that Husband would quite like to bury it again.)
I, however, am chuffed to bits that I can write Stuff and that people can have a giggle. Spill coffee over their keys, type of thing.
Friends ask, from time to time, How is the Blogging going? (They say 'Blogging' as if it were some Odd Culty Thing. Which you might argue it is.)
I always say, 'Oh, it's brilliant, thanks!' Bright smile. It's no good telling them how much fun it is. What friends you find. What you get to say. Where you get to go.
They just look at One rather oddly.
Because it's more than fun. It's a New World. I love it!
Thanks, every last one of you, for comments and kindness.
Blogoshpere Rocks.


PurpleClover said...

CONGRATS! I just celebrated my 100th post with a vlog today! I was two posts early but I had makeup on and had to take advantage. ;)

Helen P said...

Wonderful stuff; hitting a hundred! I think you should take it up professionally...writing I mean, not being a Hundred.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Congratulations and I SO loved THIS post! You succinctly outlined my life in terms of blogging. Only one of my friends blog so she gets it but she only blogs every month or two. People do think we're absolutely whacked for the most part.

I went to see Julie & Julia over the weekend - a MUST see - it's my next blog post - and I LOVED IT DESPERATELY! Maybe our friends who look at us as though we're daft will finally get it when they see this movie. It's as much about blogging as about Julia Childs.

I'm so glad you're here. :)

Corey Schwartz said...

I say, "It's brilliant. You should try it!" I'm going to get an odd look anyway, because no one says "brilliant" around here :)

DJan said...

there was an article in the NYT a couple days ago about how many people are not only blogging but getting up in the morning and starting their day the way I do: with their laptop and a cuppa coffee. These days I don't even get to the news until I've checked on my blogs and my comments and whatnot. Then it's to the news of the day.

It was good to find out how many of us are out there now.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Congratulations on your 103rd then LWM. I missed my 100th and my 1st anniversary! Oh well. I'm a first thing in the morning blogger, usually. Find it a great way to start the day. Have told none of my "normal" friends about blogging for the reasons you mentioned, they don't get it! Husband still not sure what it's all about and when I mentioned I was blogging to daughter she just gave me a strange look! A x

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Non Bloggies just don't get it. But having an outlet to write - and not just write in a vacuum - is hugely theraputic.

Good to have cyber-met-you!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Congrats on the 100th post. Any chance of a highlights of the last 100 posts, ones that you loved the most?

I love the blogging, I love the community of it and I enjoy the writing too. Non bloggers, they don't get it at all. Ah well.

Here's to the next 100 (or should I say 97?)

Vicus Scurra said...

That was approaching the boundaries of maudlin, not to say girly, wasn't it?
I look forward to a return to the normal fare of child neglect, embarrassment and confessions of inadequacy.
Try to avoid the temptation to be nice to your stalkers. You will not find me gushing over my readership. Firm but unfair, that is my motto.

Troy said...

Blogoshpere Rocks sounds a fascinating place. Isn't it in one of the US national parks just north of the city of Dyslexia?

Congrats on reaching 100+ You are wearing well.

Ladybird World Mother said...

PC - loved your vlog! One day when I have the techno know-how I shall have a go at one... perhaps!
Helen - thank you!! Rather chuffed to get to 100.. this writing malarkey is huge fun.
Robynn - oh, you are such a doll. Glad you're here too! Movie sounds absolutely fab... cant wait to see it but will have to as it wont be out over here for about another ten years or so... XXXX
CS - and do any of them take you up on the challenge?! Havent managed to convert anyone to blogging yet... x
DJan - what a great way to start the day... I do the same if I possibly can. So nice to catch up and see whats a'happening!
Anne - yes, I know well those strange looks! You MISSED your 100th AND YOUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY??!! Hey, congratulations for whenever it was... how many now I wonder? x
Mud - good to have cyber-met you too!! Isnt it just so therapeutic... all those nice comments. I love it. x
Brit in B - you are so right... it is a community... doing something we all love. Brilliant! Thought about doing some highlights but haven't... might re release an old post that had no comments instead!!
VS - maudlin and girly??! How very dare you. Right. Back to Snoring Husbands and Inadequate Parenting. Honestly. There's no pleasing some folks. :)
Troy - no, it's an album by Blog Dylan. Blogoshpere Rocks and Rolls. Nice seventies ballads.
'Cant take no more knocks
From the Blogosphere Rocks.'
Know it?! :)

wonderwoman said...

yep i know what you mean - a friend got me started but before that i used to take the mickey out of her endlessly - but once i started i knew why she loved it!
happy blogoversary!

Liz said...

100 blog posts in less than a year? It took me twice as long. Well done you.

Working Mum said...

Congratulations on the landmark!

I'm impressed you tell your friends about your blogging; I get very odd looks if I even mention the word 'blog', never mind admit to the hobby. Considering the number of blogging mums out there, I don't seem to know any in my real life - where are they all?

Working Mum said...

Congratulations on the landmark!

I'm impressed you tell your friends about your blogging; I get very odd looks if I even mention the word 'blog', never mind admit to the hobby. Considering the number of blogging mums out there, I don't seem to know any in my real life - where are they all?

Rebel Mother said...

A good chuckle goes a long way!

Well done on completing so many posts in such a short time - and good ones they are too!



Nancy said...

Yay! Congrats! So glad to have found you, too!!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

"Have found a voice in me that was buried for years."

Now that is what its all about!

Clippy Mat said...

i hear you. congrats. :-)