Sunday, 26 October 2008

Just a tiny question

What on god's earth is ;-) ?
Or :)

Just a little question before I really do pack for Spain in the morning.
Have done fridge, note for person doing chickens, cats, rabbit and chicks. No need to do fish as all are dead. Oops.
Have cleaned house, and eaten all food. We are now going to have large whisky by an enormous fire in the sitting room and talk about packing.
Up at 5.00am. Apparently the weather in southern Spain is atrocious. Bollocks.
Right. Am off now.
Have a good week, everyone. And thanks for all the lovely comments and all.
Be safe.


East Anglian Troy said...

I think I was the one that left a ;-) on a previous comment.

What you need to do on your return from Espana is take a look at

You'll find it (it's an emoticon) on there. There are many of them.

Interesting that you've found blogging to be addictive. I used to be addicted to eBay until I took up blogging - this is a much cheaper activity!

Hope you had a good time in Spain. My friend who is there told me it's hot and dry.

notSupermum said...

Have a fab holiday!

Gill - That British Woman said...

you're like me technically challenged and hooked on blogging!!!! Don't get a site meter or you'll get nothing done, as that is addictive!!! its also idiot proof to install, as I did it.

Have a great vacation.

Gill in Canada

claires inner world said...

Hope you have a great holiday..!

;-) is an interesting one.

It can mean 'I'm making a joke here, do you see what I've done?'

Or it can mean 'I'm a bit peed off with you so I'm going to write something rude, and then put an
;-) at the end of it in a passive/aggressive way...'

Or is that just me...?

Debs said...

I hope you had a wonderful trip, it must have been warmer that the UK.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hope your trip has been a good one. Maybe you'll reveal where you've been? You are tagged BTW Hx

Ladybird World Mum said...

An Emoticon!! Thats what it is... can you believe it. Just love these new words. Must make some up. Thanks for that Troy.
Have had fab holiday, thanks notsupermum... ready for the next few weeks...
Gill... I am Mrs Techno Total Loser. But strangely like blogging... what is a site meter?!!
Thank you so much Claire's inner world.. will try to put that emoticon in somewhere. Will be improvement on my three dots in a row thing... (see?)
Debs, it was lovely! Warm although rainy on a couple of days.
Hadriana's treasures... we went to Spain... right down the bottom in little village called Frigiliana. Had such a good time. There because my middle son has friends who have moved there. So we followed them! They are his best friends and are twins. Very special time. Sad to leave them again but will go again soon.
thanks for all your comments! Lovely to come home to.

East Anglian Troy said...

I hadn't heard of Frigiliana. I looked up "Iliana" and got:-

"The girl's name Iliana \i-lia-na\ is pronounced ee-lee-AHN-ah. It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "Trojan". The poetic name for the ancient city of TROY was "Ilion".

Then I looked up "Frig" and as I thought, it is rude!

So the expression "I went to Frigiliana" means???

Welcome back - I've become a follower whilst you were away. That's a techno. term for an internet stalker

Ladybird World Mum said...

Crikey, Troy. So thats what happened last week.
And there was me thinking I was in Spain.