Wednesday, 1 October 2008

After school chat

We were joined by a dad yesterday.
Picking up our children from primary school. Waiting for older ones still in Chess Club.
He came and sat on Our Wall.
We all moved up a bit to give him some room and smiled encouragingly at him. He smiled back.
It was a good start.
Then one of us said. 'Who watched Sex Education last night on Channel 4?'
There followed a Lively Conversation about genital warts, haemorroids and bikini waxes.
Our dad gamely stayed on the wall. Even had a few words. (No, God, Shit, Help)
The banter went on. Dad straining his facial muscles into a smile.
Then someone said,
'Its 4.15, they're coming out of chess.'
We leaped to our feet and ran to the door. Met our children. Took them home. Got on with the evening.
Only later did I think about the dad.
Will he join us tomorrow?
Will he go and tell his wife what we all spoke about?
Or will he need therapy?
Poor, poor man.

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