Wednesday, 15 October 2008


For the last twenty years I have been longing to go to Ikea. I went when I was in my mid twenties or so and LOVED IT!!! I think I bought the normal candle sort of thing plus one or two storage jars and thought ohh I must come here again. And didn't.
Twenty years on. I went! Oh, the excitement of those towers in the distance (we went to the Croydon one) thinking of all the times I have had to drive past into London. The thrill of getting a trolley and pushing it through those revolving doors. (can't get the hang of those as either walk too slow or too fast and have to do little tiny step things to stop bumping into person I accidently joined in their bit of revolving door.)
Up the stairs we went to the Show Rooms. Before we could get to the Market Place. Or Whatever. Round and round and around and along and up and down and round. Follow those arrows. We looked and um'd and ah'd and dropped a couple of things in as we went along. And then... the Market Place. Mecca. We agonised over fitted sheets. We pondered over wooden trays. We picked and looked and wondered. Finally we reached Bargain Corner. And left Bargain Corner as the only Bargain you get is getting out of Bargain Corner. We paid a rather cross lady as we kept putting our things in the wrong place.
Now, what did I buy? So nice, you'd love them... some candles and some sweet storage jars. Hang on a minute... isn't that what I got last time?
Hell and damnation. I should have bought those fitted sheets after all. Oh, well, I will have to go again soon. The thing is, I bet it will be another 20 years. The advantage of that is that I'll need some more candles and storage jars by then, I'm sure...


Vodka Mom said...

Whenever I go to a new store, I ALWAYS get candles! I just LOVE to burn scented candles, and love the way it makes the house smell. :-)

Ladybird World Mother said...

So late to reply to your lovely comment! Aren't candles just the best. Specially this time of year.
Roll on Christmas!!