Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Tad Distracted

Oh dear. This blog business is rather difficult. You see, all I want to do, apparently, is Share My Posting. I think it would be easier for me to remove my own pancreas. I have hit every button, clicked on every possible link.
In between all this hitting the phone has rung, I have had cups of tea, and been distracted by numerous household tasks. The cat had been sick in the bathroom. This led to frantic cleaning of not just carpet under sick, but carpet all round bath and basin... which led to hoovering frenzy and dusting of my chest of drawers. This led, inexplicably, to tidying out my husband's pants drawer. I haven't cleared out his pants drawer for years. For God's sake,why now? Why don't I just sit here at the computer and find out what I need to? Because I can't. That's why. Distraction is my enemy. Whenever distraction calls, I go. Whether into the attic, pants drawers, shopping, sick clearance or de-flea'ing the cat I go straight to the distraction like a bee to honey.
God, I need a cup of tea. Hold on while I get one.
Well, that was exciting. Got to the kettle and saw that it was filthy so got out cloth from under sink when saw that my husband has bought MORE DISH WASHER POWDER. This is small miracle. So rang him up to congratulate him. He wasn't there but Clare was. Clare is lovely girl who always answers the phone when Mark (husband) can't. Anyway she is pregnant! So we chatted about prams and no sleep for about 20 minutes. Am so pleased for her. Came off phone. Somewhat confused as to what I was trying to do. Found myself near kettle so switched it on. Noticed again that it was dirty and so once again looked for cloth under sink...
Do you now get my distraction thing? Not good is it? I have to trail through hundreds of my actions to find out what I was trying to do in the first place.
Which was...finding out how to Share My Postings!
Oh, well, let's find a few more buttons to press... it can't be that hard, can it? Christ, look at this button. It's got chocolate on it. Better find a tissue...

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