Sunday, 19 October 2008


Oh dear. I think that I am now addicted to Blogging. Damn and blast. I will have to add this to my addictions of looking in my children's homework books for nice comments from the teacher, washing up before a meal, checking the weather forecast every day, and planting endless pots outside my back door.
Blogging is a more serious matter. Each day I do more. Each day I want to 'check my blog' a bit earlier. Check it for what? Nits? No, just to see if there is a bloody comment. If there is I am euphoric. If there isnt I am a bit downcast. Then I look on other people's blogs and start laughing like a drain. It is all very exhausting and takes me away from the bosom of family, etc etc...
At this moment I have a husband waiting for me in bed. He is naked and Expectant, if you see what I mean. He has just come down to say shall he put out the lights?
Which is a Big Hint, I think.
So, which is it to be... Blog or Bed?
I'll tell you in the morning.


East Anglian Troy said...

Hi, thanks for calling by my blog - nice to "meet" you. I've enjoyed reading through your first postings. Very entertaining.

One minor point - your blog is set on California time. You might think "big deal". However on this post it appears your husband is naked in bed and expectant at 1pm in the afternoon! That seems a little decadent. If you log in and then choice -
time zone
- and choose GMT then the correct local time will show against your postings.

Ladybird World Mum said...

Talk about laughing out very loudly with young children around... oh dear I think I frightened them away... thank you so much for the clock thing. I have sort of noticed it but couldn't be bothered to investitgate. Will do it right now.
Thanks v much!

Vodka Mom said...

I am SO WITH YOU ON THIS. I am addicted. I have to force myself to close my computer and do crap. It's not working, obviously.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not a nit (though I my son has just had a treatment for them). Just wanted to say hello. Am enjoying your blog so far. Have the details of 'Blogger's Anonymous' if you want to join? TTx

21st Century Mummy said...

I may be late to this post but LOL, this is what it really is like. I like to think blogging gives my husband a chance to indulge in his own hobbies :-D

Ladybird World Mum said...

Vodka mum, tartetartan and 21st century mummy - thanks for your commments! glad you are all in the same boat... blogger's anonymous sounds like a good idea!