Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The End of the Road. Again.

Another year over. Twelve little people all ready to go to Big School.
We sang songs this morning to the proud parents and gave out Certificates to show that they had 'graduated' from Pre-school. Presents were given. Thanks were expressed to those who deserved them. (pretty well everyone, really) A Teddy Bear's Picnic held to mark the end of term. Everyone on their picnic blankets out in our garden.
And then we all hugged good bye and wished those little people well as they trod the familiar path to the gate for the last time.
Oh, dear.
It gets me each and every year.
It might not be when the first child walks out of those gates but somewhere along the line, a mother will say goodbye, a little choked by the enormity of her child not being at Pre-school anymore, and I will be Off. Tears will well, mouth will wobble, and throat will constrict with the effort to stop blubbing.
It happened today. The very last child to go. Mother came to give me a hug and I could see that she was struggling, trying to hold back the tears. Her three children have all been with us for the last six years. Ever since we opened the pre-school. We hugged. And I was lost. Tears that had been threatening all morning finally came and I had to wave goodbye to Mother and Child with great big fat tear-drops dripping off my face, while twisting face into the biggest smile I could muster. Not the greatest look in the world.
THEN I had to walk back through the playground, where all the big children were playing, pretending that I was hugely interested in my keys. All the way back to our building.
It is SUCH a big deal, being with these pre-school children each day, and seeing them grow and learn and develop. Such a big deal to help settle the rage over a toy car, hug a sad little boy who misses his mum, read to two little girls who are exhausted from running about outside.
There are countless moments each day when I can REALLY make a difference to someone else. Each and every day. Likewise to all of the Staff. I look around our warm and sunny room, and I see them actively making a difference All Day Long. Astounding!
And when I don't go in, when I am working from home doing all the dull administration, or finally getting down to some sodding hoovering, when I finally DO get to go in, the welcome is loud, warm and loving. Hugs and cuddles demanded from all and sundry. (Mind you, the Staff hold back. Obviously.)
Can you IMAGINE that happening in an office?!
Some days us Staff feel so tired that we don't think we can be of any use to anyone. But as soon as that door opens and in come those expectant little faces, clutching beloved blankets, toys and books, all thoughts of tiredness disappear and we become utterly involved in the lives of these small people. And all the love we give them comes back ten fold. Hundred fold.
I am glad the holidays are here. To recharge some batteries and spend some lengthy time with my beloved family. But I shall miss the banter, the chat and the closeness of pre-school.
I am indeed priveleged to work in such a place. And to actually be responsible for co-running it, is something I am hugely proud of. To know that a difference is being made, because of us, because of our work, is Amazing. Not everyone can say that. But we can say it. Lucky, lucky us.
Now. Time for the holidays.
Late breakfasts. Late lunch. Late suppers.
Forgetting to book children onto tennis courses.
Forgetting to book children onto Any Courses.
God, am Crap Mother. Think will have blog called Crap Mother World.
Will fill it with tales of Rubbish Mothering and bollocks all Organisation on the Home Front.
Who will be my first follower?
You will?! How marvellous! This way then, if you please!



trash said...

I'll come join that blog. It is a joy working with pre-schoolers isn't it?

Sarah said...

invisible friend of an invisible friend. good for a giggle.

Elaine said...

I went on a girls' night out visit on Monday to the village where my three children went to pre-school. We moved away three years ago.

I popped into the playground on Tuesday morning. The teachers were clearly at the ends of their tethers, but still remembered me, and the names of my children, and were really really pleased to hear of their progress.

Me? Oh, I accidentally walked into the cloakroom and had a little weep at the pegs that their bags used to hang upon, with photos instead of names, beacuse they knew what a duck was, but couldn't read their name.


Those twelve little people were so lucky to have you, and your Staff.

Think there are definite possibilities for a 'Crap Mother World' superstore. Such a numerous demographic!

Tatersmama said...

YES! I know EXACTLY what you're talking about! Ahhh... a girl after me own heart!
And yes, I'll gladly sign up as your first follower - just point where to go!
Better yet, could you take my arm and lead me? These kids of mine have me absolutely knackered!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

"Think will have blog called Crap Mother World."

I'm in!

Jayne said...

Beautiful and emotional post as ever - I can still remember so well how that last day of pre school felt....good luck to all those little people, they are already a step ahead with the care and love that you have given them I'm sure x

Humdrum Mum said...

What a lovely post - and to hear it from the other side from most of us is even better.

And I'll join too. -HMx

Ladybird World Mother said...

Trash - hooray!! My first follower!! xx
Sarah - oooh, a link to rubbish parenting... I'm in! xx
Elaine -oh, I can must imagine how evocative and nostalgic that was... but how lovely to be able to 'go back' even for just a few minutes! A lovely comment. Thank you.xx
Tatersmama - oh, wow... another follower for Crap Mother World... so exciting. You just take my arm, and I'll lead you there, my friend!! xx
MJ - HOORAY!! This way....!!xx
Jayne - oh, thank you. That is such a lovely thing to say... xx
HM - thank you... and ANOTHER FOLLOWER??! This had really made my day!! xx

London City Mum said...

I want to come and work with you. So much more rewarding that this bunch of twerps I have to deal with at present.


palomino said...

Ooh dearie me .

Went to the year 6 leavers assembly this morning. You'd think I'd be used to it, I've done two already. But no . One verse into 'My life would suck without you ' ( with actions ! ) and I'm sobbing . Copiously.

Vicus Scurra said...

Soft sod.

Expat mum said...

I always wondered how you nuersery teachers do it. The endless smiles, patience, cuddles and care. You know that we're all eternally grateful for keeping our kids safe - everywhere.
Enjoy the summer.
And Ill be over at Crap Mother World as soon as you're ready. (Someone called me an Alpha Mom yesterday and I nearly fell off the doorstep laughing.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you make a difference to those children's lives every day and they will always remember you as their first teacher. Tears of joy I suspect, for a future.

CJ xx

grumpyoldwoman said...

I cried in temper today LWM because I felt unappreciated in my workplace - how tedious of me. So much better to cry tears of joy. I shall take a large stick to my ever-increasing rump and count my blessings. Well done you on a good job done and a lovely post.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Didn't realise you co-run a pre-school, LWM. Well done you - you and those like you give the little ones such a good grounding for what is yet to come. And such a relief for parents to know their babies are safe and in a loving atmosphere. If I wore a hat, I would take it off to you all. A x

Ladybird World Mother said...

LCM - just come on down... take off that suit and don a comfy pair of jeans... and get playing!! I tell you, it's the life. xxx
palomino - oh, no. Leavers Assemblies are just the worst for tissue use. Hope you feel better now..xx
VS - soft centred, but hard as nails on the outside. Not. xx
EM - alpha mum??!! Wow. Speechless with admiration. xx
CJ - that is such a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much! xx
gow - oh, how awful for you. Leave immediately and come and work for me... laughter is an absolute must each and every day. Tears of anger are so exhausting, aren't they. HOpe you feel better now. xx
Anne - thank you so much. Such a nice thing to write and so much appreciated. xx

Anonymous said...


Pam said...

What a lovely post! My boy starts pre-school this fall and I'm nervous but hopefully there'll be people like you there.
Sign me up for the new blog please! LOL

Expat mum said...

You've sparked a blog post over at mine!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Pam - you're in, Pam, you're in!! Have the best time with your little boy's preschool... and your little one too. Its such a precious time in a little one's life.xx
EM - just been over and commented. A great post... EVERYONE ELSE, GET OVER THERE NOW!! XXX

Robynn's Ravings said...

Now I learned something about you that I never knew. Do you blog about this much and I'm just a bad, errant friend? I LOVE kids of all ages. Still enjoying the heck out of mine at 15 and 19 and threatening to pseudo-adopt a friend's eleven-year-old daughter because mine's too busy!

Yay for you and jelly hugs and smeary kisses and memories that will last them, and you, a lifetime. And I love those weird faces we make trying to choke back the tears. Well, I love them on everyone ELSE!

W.V. Guashe. Isn't that perfect for the description of THAT face?!

Robynn's Ravings said...

P.S. Will follow instanTANeously on Crap Mother World. Who of us doesn't qualify to sign up there at one time or another???!!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Robynn - you are so NOT the errant friend. Its just that I dont blog about it that much... professionally it doesnt sit well.. but just HAD to on this occasion! Lovely comment... thank you, lovely friend. xx