Monday, 5 October 2009

An Unexpectedly Good Time

Had enormous fun with Middle Son today.
No School. Inset Day.
Off we went to buy televisions.
Yup. More than one.
Husband blew one up while watching TV in bed the other night.
And the kitchen one had a picture like a blurry mist of grey this morning.
Actually, it had no picture to speak of. Or look at.
Thought to self. Time for New Tellies.
We went. Middle Son and I.
Off to Huge Shop with Strip Lighting and Vast Floors filled with Electrical Goods.
Wandered down to the far end to look at the Tellies.
Wanted the smallest ones.
With Abandon, we bought two. Sleek, silver, and as thin as... well, Jolly Thin.
And light! Thought perhaps that we were buying Cardboard Box. With nothing in it.
Kind man insisted that there was a telly. In each Box.
In celebration we went next door into Unspeakably Ghastly Sofa Shop.
Middle Son was longing to 'Look at them, Mummy.'
So we did.
Only we didn't just Look at them.
We lay.
We reclined.
We relaxed.
We were asked a hundred times if we wanted anything In Particular.
'Just a cup of tea with one sugar, please!' I would answer in happy tones.
Middle Son thought I was Most Amusing.
We laughed until we cried on one particular sofa. It had, confusingly, buttons to press. Odd, really. Thought you just sort of sat about on sofas. But no!
These buttons could make us both Immediately Horizontal. And then, Immediately Vertical.
Pressed that button loads. Just as funny each time.
Finally dried our faces on our sleeves and left.
Talk about Free Entertainment. Marvellous!
We'd thoroughly recommend it.
Just make sure you don't look Directly at the Bright Orange Leatherette Sofa. It hurts.
Worth it, though, for all the Fun!


Diane said...

It's the simple things, isn't it? As always, LOVE the way you write. LOVE it.

And I tried to be sad about Katie... but the McNuggets box did me in. Sorry, love.

Jeff D'Antonio said...

It's all about spending time together - doesn't matter what you're doing. One of the many mysterious joys of parenthood.

Oh, and, uh...'what Diane said' about the McNuggets box. I tried to think of some kind and comforting words for you, but all I could come up with were McNugget jokes. So I just kept my mouth shut on that one. :)

cheshire wife said...

That reminded me of early visits to the dentist when brother and I used to fight to be first in the chair and to have a ride up and down before our teeth were examined. Dentists chairs are different now.

Valerie said...

Husband blew one up while watching TV in bed the other night

Sorry to hear that ... smiles. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your day out. Sofas can be brilliant play things these days.

Tattie Weasle said...

OOOhh you make me want to rush out to DFS and throw caution to the winds - sounds like a wonderful day.

Alix said...

Awesome! You are such a cool mom. And I know what you mean about the interactive sofas. When did THAT happen?

One minute chairs were standard with 4 legs and no moving parts, and now they're luxury vehicles... plushy, a full compliment of buttons rivaled only by an airliner cockpit, cup holders (!!!), and now...... insulated coolers hidden inside consoles. Oh dear God. Have we really gotten that lazy? Looks like we have.

Neas Nuttiness said...

How the heck to you blow up a TV "while watching in bed"? Inquiring minds what to know.

Oh how I wish that I could have bottled up the fun times with my kids...they grow up so quickly:-(

Pam said...

I might try a sofa shop this winter when it's too cold to play outside. Over here you can even buy techno-chairs (Lazy Boys they call them) for kids!


I have just come across your blog looking at someone else's blog list. Actually, I was reading Weaver on puddings, which I miss a great deal! I thought your chicken story was very funny, but sad for you. Well written. I was born a Brit and emigrated with husband in 196O. I have put you on my blogs I follow list.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Diane - thank you!! What a lovely thing to say... am thrilled you think so... and am also glad that you TRIED to be sad about Katie... the thought was there!! x
Jeff - Very wise to keep mouth shut when not sure how to comfort woman about dead chicken. On the day Katie went to Chicken Heaven, my young teenage babysitter came while I was at the vet... as she left she gave me a hug and said, 'I'm so sorry about your chicken.' We both looked at each other and got the giggles, because its not often one says that. Really.
CW - Oh, dentist chairs! The joy! We still do that. Dont you? ;)
Valerie - they sure can. Another source of great joy is a bed shop. Next time...!
Tattie Weasel - Doh! You said the DFS word. or Initials. Or whatever. HOW DID YOU GUESS??!!
Alix - oh, I loved your description of Modern Sofas!! That is just lovely. We have got SO lazy, havent we. Must say, we just have sofas you sit on. Kind of boring, but safe!
NN - wish I knew HOW the man had blown it up... I had my bath, came into our bedroom, and husband says, do you want the good news or the bad news. Bad, please, I said. Heart plummeting.
Telly's blown up, he said.
Oh, I said.
And the good news?
'We'll get a new one.'
Apparently there was a POOOOFFF noise and telly picture went bye byes. Followed by eerie whistly noise.
So now you know!!
Pam -TECHNO-CHAIRS???? My word, we need to try out one of those babies! Puts our sofa with buttons into the shade. :)
MG2 - How lovely to see you and thank you so much for writing such a nice comment, and how you got here. Always so nice to know these things. Welcome. Hope you come again soon!! x

geraldgee said...

Pushing buttons? FGS Dont ever go for a ride in a jet fighter. xx x

Mwa said...

Sounds blissful.

Time off school can be a little present like that. I had to take my son to the eye doctor this morning and we fell over laughing (quietly because we were in a hospital) in the waiting room.

Ladybird World Mother said...

GG - you are such a spoilsport... go on, it would be such FUN! ;)
Mwa - so glad you got to have a quiet giggle too...nothing quite like it, is there!!

Reasons said...

Free fun! It's the best. (the do dah)

Troy said...

Inset Day? Our school calls them PD days. I think it stands for Parental Disruption day.
Glad you had a good time though.

I nearly missed this posting -are you on piece work?

Matthew said...

I wrote a posting on Friday or Sunday - I forget which - where I dished out a whole load of awards. You got one. If you do awards, please feel free to stop by and collect it.

If you don't do awards, no problem.