Monday, 21 September 2009

In Which We Make A New Friend

Met a very nice mother today. Freshly moved from London. Needs to meet some local people.
Five of us met at J's house for Coffee. Like Grown ups.
We were all on our Best Behaviour. Had lovely coffee and Carrot Cake. (The best mixture in the world, those two. A marriage made in Cake Heaven.)
Made polite conversation, told her about butchers and garages and shops and such.
Exchanged numbers.
All Very Nice.
Rounded off morning by all getting into our cars.
'Good Grief, woman, what's in your car?' my friend J. asked me. Looking in some astonishment through the back window. Large pieces of my garden appeared to be loaded in the back, and on the seats. Grass, old bits of bike, and trampoline parts all crammed into small space.
'Just going to the dump,' I said, airily.
Our New Friend nodded wisely.
'Yes,' she said, 'There's nothing like a good dump.'
For a moment we all stared, open mouthed. And then, together as one, laughed our Socks Off. Bellowed. For a minute or two.
Before attempting to contain ourselves and Go Home.
The Fast Track to Friendship.
You just Can't Beat It.


Catharine Withenay said...

There's nothing so therapeutic nor ice-breaking as laughter! What a joy to find friends like these.

Vicus Scurra said...

Next time have a bird from the family Phalacrocorax aristotelis in the back of your car.

Troy said...

She may never become your best friend - but she may well make a good number two.

Alix said...

And when "new friend" recovered from her astonishing blush, did she laugh too?


LOVE it.

Alix said...

PS: HIGH FIVE to Troy for that cheeky comment!

joolzmac said...


Cheers - Joolz

Vodka Mom said...

oh sweet jesus I loved this.

and there is NOTHING like a good laugh. or dump.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Maybe the two of you are destined to become business partners and open a pub called "The Loo and The Poo." Only the finest seating.

Ladybird World Mother said...

CW - it really was so lovely!! We giggled like school girls, and I am sure that the New Friend went away feeling like she had made some friends... marvellous.
VS - agree... nothing quite beats a good shag. x
Troy - oh, trust you to make me laugh AGAIN. Sometimes I wonder what your comment might be... never get it right, and yours is always far funnier than the one I thought of!
Alix - She sure did... put her head back and roared with the rest of us! (Troy can always be trusted to come up with the juiciest comments!)
joolzmac - thanks!!
VM - Good friendship and dumps are wonderful, eh?! :)
RR - and what a pub it will be... please come to our opening night!! xx

Tatersmama said...

*SPUTTER* coughcough...
The fast-track to friendship indeed!
(wiping eyes here, and mopping the desk!)

And Troy? GOOD one!!!

DJan said...

I fail to see what is so humorous. It's TRUE, isn't it? Nothing quite like it! :-)

The wife of bold said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog!
I've had a bath now to try and cleanse myself but i still feel violated. Your new friend sounds like she's a keeper :)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Aside from the coffee and cake, our best selves are those we reveal right away. Makes for best of friends. Comfort.
Enjoyed the post. Take a picture of that back seat. Would love to see if it compares with mine.

cheshire wife said...

Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned coffee morning. hope the friendship lasts!

smileymamaT said...

Oh gosh, that was funny. Nothing like it, for sure! What a great beginning for your new friend. :)

Ladybird World Mother said...

Tatersmama - it was a good moment!
Djan - you are quite right... there IS nothing quite like it. Either. x
w of b - glad you've had a bath! NEVER go there again, do you hear me?! ;)
MJ - oh, would have taken a pic but its all Gone to the Dump now!
CW - totally agree! And yes, she is coming to my house next, when I can get off my bottom and ring her up. x
smileymama - good, eh. I just love a good laugh. Nothing quite like it. x

Iota said...

I think this is why it takes so long to make friends as an expat. Humour relies so much on shared cultural assumptions, or shared language nuances.

I've gone all reflective in your comments box. Sorry.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Iota - we take it for granted, don't we. And you go ahead and be as reflective as you darn well like! x