Friday, 3 April 2009

My Friend Persil, take 2

Got a text from my mother today to say,
'Persil home today.'
It's a two hour journey but I think I'd better get over there soon, don't you?!
So pleased that she gets to lie in her own bed again.
So pleased that she can see out of her own window again.
So pleased she can use her own bathroom again.
So thankful.
Thanks, one and all, for all those comments and prayers and thoughts.
Blogging is Good. Really.


Pam said...

Fabulous news!!!

Kitty said...

That's brilliant. I'm so pleased for you all. x

Kevin Musgrove said...

Good stuff.

Make her wait a week or two before she gets back to playing the rugby.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Yay for Persil!! Back where she belongs and hope she can stay there. The sadness and degradation of leaving your own home and place of security is nearly unbearable at that age - heck, at any age but especially when your life has become increasingly smaller.

Prayers are answered. XOXO to both of you. Tell her for us. :)

P.S. And you are TOO SWEET but I'm no hero. Just managed to keep my mouth shut that day. Which makes one in a row. lol

Tatersmama said...

YAY! What great news!
I wanted to send you a note earlier, but I rather chickened out, just in case the prognosis wasn't as good as what we hoped for.
You know... I think it's just wonderful how something as simple as blogging can make us all feel so much more connected to people we don't even know...

Give Persil a sweet, gentle hug for me. ;-)

Granny on the Web said...

Great, fandabidozi, tremendous,brilliant, wonderful, sensational, outstanding, superb, super, excellent, first-rate, first-class, dazzling, out of this world, breathtaking, terrific, fabulous, ace, magic, cool, wicked, awesome,and all the other adjectives there might be for GOOD NEWS.

love Granny

Troy said...

Ditto Granny

Neas Nuttiness said...

So Happy for you and Persil! Sleeping in ones own bed is heavenly!

Ladybird World Mother said...

When I opened up my blog just now after a couple of days, and saw only 8 comments I felt deflated (I know, I KNOW, I NEVER count comments...) Well, then I read them. Say no more. Sat with huge grin on my face and tiny tears in eyes.... thank you all. Have been holed up in my bed for the last couple of days with headache of all headaches... on the wane now... so pardon the general comment to all... just to say that you are all So Bloody Nice.
God bless the lot of you. XXXX

Working mum said...

Just been catching up on your last few posts and the story of Persil. Glad she's home.

Btw, I would've said the same about the bottom scratching incident, but maybe not so loudly! ;)

Crystal Jigsaw said...

That is great news, lets hope she stays well.

Btw, I know all about itchy bottoms - ask my daughter!! Living on a farm does have its disadvantages!!

CJ xx

Kevin Musgrove said...

child niece in loud voice to family gathering yesterday: "My mummy has to shave her front bottom!"

Elaine said...

Am absolutely delighted to hear how well Persil is doing, and hope you get to see her soon. What wonderful news!

On a lower frequency of importance, am impressed you have a mother that texts! I have a MIL who tuts, which isn't quite the same thing.

Ladybird World Mother said...

WM - Thank you! Am so pleased she is back, albeit not in the best of health, but just to be at home is enough sometimes. !! to the bottom scratching! Am relieved to tell you that there has been no more scratching to report... phew. Until the next time!
CJ - !! worms? or something truly awful that we dont know about? Please tell!
KM - !!! Wonderful stuff! WISH I could have seen some of the faces... front bottom. Oh god.
elaine - Rather proud of my mother's texting! Its erratic and somewhat mad, but she does it. (My MIL tuts too. A Lot. Glad yours does too... :))

disa said...