Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Puppy Love

'Oh, it's just like having a baby again!!!'
Says Everyone.
About having a puppy.
I laughed.
I did!!
Because I thought to myself, WHY?
It's a Puppy. Not a Baby.
But. I. Was. Wrong.
A puppy is NOT a dog. A puppy is a wee'ing, poo'ing, whining, biting, taking everything away'ing, BABY.
And not only that, but as I sit next to his cage at night, waiting until he drops off (yes, I do, I really, really do) and thinking to myself that this is JUST like being a mother and waiting for that baby to GO TO SLEEP so that I can finally put my oh, so weary head on my deliciously comfortable pillow and disappear into the haven of unconciousness...well, as I do that, I am KICKING myself for not doing this sooner.
Because I am loving every minute.
Because although Milo is just like a baby in some ways, (wee, poo, feeding) in all other ways he is a delightful, gallumping, sweet natured, DEAR little thing.
And the best thing is that, unlike new mothers, I DON'T have anything pouring out of every orifice that I possess. (not ears, I seem to recall...)
I DON'T have breasts the size of two magnified melons, each one seemingly plugged into a painful and persistent electric shock treatment, just as the baby latches on, yet again, for another agonising feed.
I am NOT stupified by a 48 hour labour, the equivalent of a triathlon. Twice.
My stomach is NOT a quivering and wobbling landscape, trying to escape from Maternity Jeans at every movement.
No. Really! HONESTLY!
On the whole, I am just as I was a week ago, perhaps a little weary from getting up in the middle of the night, to potter outside with Milo, while he wees and does his stuff. And then waiting for him to settle, before I nip upstairs to bed.
But also very happy as we wander down the track behind our house, with Milo in arms until we are off the public footpath and we can finally let him go, and let him gallump and gambol next to the children.
Who LOVE him.
I mean, who COULDN'T!
I mean, LOOK at Milo and Eldest. Ad-or-able. Both of them.

And so, yes, it IS just like having a baby again.
Only without the enormous breasts, sleepless nights and preoccupation with Orifices.
Mind you, looking forward to a whole night's sleep. Tell me, how does that feel again?


Tattie Weasle said...

Welcome to the joys of dog ownership! You'll fnd as they grow from adorable puppies in to full size and adoring dogs you will find they'll offer much better company than children, will always listen to what you say which makes life ten times nicer even if they don't do what you ask unlike the kids who don't bother to listen and when you tell them off they don't answer back. Some of the best conversations I've ever had have been to my dogs....((sigh) :)

Anonymous said...

If I knew where you live I'd be round there sharpish to snaffle him. He's gorgeous!

my neighbour's just emailed me to tell me that her daughter's puppy is staying in case I want to have him round for tea.

I'm a sucker.

Expat mum said...

I had a bad day today and took it out on the dog, who clearly adores me. Most of the time I love her, but today I was full of resentment about having to walk her while I had so much to do and everyone else had gone on their merry way, yada, yada. But as I said, I was in a foul mood and it wasn't really her fault.

Anonymous said...

He is deliciously adorable, and oh so huggable! Musn't let my little ones see the pics, they'll be wanting one of their own.

The downside of Milo NOT being a baby, is that it doesn't matter how old he gets, you'll still be having to clean up his poo. Unless of course, you can talk the children into it. Good luck with that!

Elaine said...

We're about twelve months away from a puppy, i HOPE!
Please document his every waking moment! Sleeping moments too, actually.

Mother Hen said...

Yah, a Puppy!!! I mean a new Baby!!! You might as well dig out some old blankets and keep a stock of newspapers in the car. I had to take our puppy everywhere with me if I was ever going to be gone from the house in the first 6 months even though she had/has a cage in the kitchen (She ate through the side of it) and I didn't want the older dogs to beat her up.
Have fun with your new pup.

June said...

Milo is a good little boy to do his "business" outdoors. And you're a Good Mom to do all that middle of the night tottering around. The bond you're forming will be stronger than anything known to humankind.

I have always thought that animals are far easier than human babies!

Suburbia said...

Toying with the idea myself, not sure I'd cope with the sleep deprivation again!

Cute Pup :-)

wonderwoman said...

Ahh, he's soo gorgeous! well worth some sleepless nights!


The mum of all trades said...

Aww such a cute pup! I love reading your blog.

Tatersmama said...

Now you've got me wanting a puppy!
I love everything about puppies... from the smell of their sweet puppy breath, to the look of their quivering little legs and frowns of concentration when they're learning to do 'their business' out-of-doors! (somehow, it's just not as cute when they're hovering over the rug, though!)

Enjoy your sweet little bundle while you can, because before too long he'll turn into a teenager!!
Oy Vey!