Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hysteria during Revision

Am vaguely aware of Middle Son revising for his Geography Exam, as I examine my emails, tea all finished and washing up complete.
'Ecosystem,' he is muttering to himself.
Occasionally he asks me a question, but I am too engrossed in a new email that am not really hearing him.
'Just a minute,' I say.
When suddenly, through my consciousness, I hear him say, quite distinctly. 'Orgasm.'
What the ****?
'Dead orgasm,' he is muttering now.
'Darling,' I say, brightly. 'Don't think you have the right word.'
'Huh?' he grunts.
'ORGASM!' I yell, trying to Get Through fog of incomprehension.
Middle Son's eyes widen like an animal caught in head lights. There is a brief moment of brain ticking.
Then the penny drops.
Helpless giggles begin.
'Don't write that in your exam,' I weep, trying to get the words out.
'Nope!' he whimpers back, holding his stomach.
'Dead orgasms!!' I manage to voice, hoarsely.
'Living orgasms!!' he claws out, with effort, between bouts of laughter.
And so it continues.
Until we have exhausted the orgasm jokes. And then, we settle back into Sensible Revision Time.
With just the odd chuckle or two to relieve the monotony of memorising Food Chains and Herbivores.


Lakeland Jo said...

its great when its a bit naughty and they understand ad you understand. Fab

Anonymous said...

Having been involved (one way or another) in quite a number of living orgasms, I would anticipate that a dead one wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

Just a guess, though...not something I plan on trying anytime soon.

London City Mum said...


Extra points if he DOES manage to get it written down somewhere in his paper. Nothing like a dare ;-)


Tattie Weasle said...

Loved it and quietly chortling to myself here safe inte knowledge that my eldest is only 8 so I have tiem to prepare myself for the inevitable! Hope our "orgasm" moment is as fun as your was!!!!

Troy said...

He should come top of the class with all those orgasms.

Potty days! said...

With Troy's past humour I hope that his comment 'come' top of the class hasn't any hidden meaning!

Mother Hen said...

kudos for having a boy that can study and think about orgasms at the same time. Go Geography!

trash said...

I suppose given he is revising for exams his age is about right to think about sex all the time - or so the studies tell us. I am unsure what your excuse would be ;-)

aendr said...

If that question comes up in the exam, I bet he will definitely remember the correct answer as a result.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

So soon they grow up and then leave us behind - great fun sometimes! A x

Anonymous said...

LOL! Nothing as exciting as that in this house: daughter is working on coursework for upcoming media, photography and art exams ... :0)

Shirl x

ps. great blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

I prefer living ones.

Sarah said...

My PhD supervisor told me, before my first scary presentation, that he had once done a talk to a wide and important audience in which he tried to describe the organism he was working on with the same success as your son.