Saturday, 3 April 2010

Messing about on Mountains

We have just had our First Ever skiing holiday en famille.
A holiday we have been saving up for, for what seems like a life time. The children had thought about how to make some dosh, and then sold leeks, flowers, raspberries, and all sorts, at the end of the drive.
Kind locals had bought vast amounts of Complete Rubbish to fund our holiday which was frightfully kind of them. Might have to buy them a drink to make up for it.
The children managed to make about £200 by selling this Stuff. How brilliant is that. Every penny was counted and put into a jar. Which slowly filled up over the summer.
We arranged a savings account. That built up slowly over the months. And filled with the pennies from the Selling At The Gate. And Husband decided that we would use some money he had invested ages ago.
'Because you can't take it with you,' he said, over a large whisky, in front of the fire.
The children got quite sick with excitement as the weeks passed, counting down the days. I became more and more thrilled with the idea that I could show my darling husband and children the skiing venue of my childhood. Lech. In Austria.
It even SOUNDS idyllic, doesn't it.
Well, it is.
And so I took them there, finally, on 21st March.
Flying into the magnificence of Innsbruck, the plane ducking and diving round the considerable mountains, and finally coming to rest on the tarmac. My children gazing out of the tiny windows, seeing the Alps, heavy with snow, for the first time.
We piled onto the coach, with our considerable extended family, my sister and one of her sons, my brother and sister in law, and four of their children. And us. (My parents were staying there too, and had arrived a day or two earlier.)
And then we were nearly there.
I went quiet, looking down the road ahead of us, knowing that at any moment I would see the twinkling lights of Lech as we turned that final corner.
And then we did. And there was Lech. Just the same. A cosy cluster of houses nestled in the most beautiful valley in the world.
Can you imagine the fun I had showing my family the village, the ski slopes, my favourite places for lunch, the church, the school, the people.
IMAGINE how wonderful to ski down the Rufikopf, the loveliest mountain of all, and to look back at the crocodile of children and adults, my family, skiing together. Youngest steaming down like a train. Daughter and Middle Son bent like real skiiers, zooming down like pros. And the white of the snow and the blue of the sky dazzling us all.
And then at lunch. A long table of happy and tired family, chatting and giggling together. Huge glasses of beer and wine, juice and water. Plates filled with hearty, delicious food. The sun beating down. Mountains rearing up on each side, white as white. The sky the deepest blue. And me. Smiles from ear to ear. Happy as bloody Larry, whoever the hell he was.
Quietly and stealthily, Lech worked its magic on all my family. They started to remember the names of mountains and lifts and people. They spoke german when asking for their drinks and food. They swaggered up the main street with their skis slung over their shoulders, just like any hardened skier. They tumbled down the 1.5 km long toboggan run, beside themselves with giggles, all the way down.
They bloody loved it.
Youngest cried as we left. The others were quiet as we made our way back up the windy road out of Lech on that final day.
And Husband, who had never really wanted to come in the first place, turned his sun and windburned face to me, eyes shining, and said, 'We'll come back, I promise.'
I so, so look forward to it.


Mwa said...

What a lovely end.

June said...

Even if the future brings return trips, this was The Trip Of A Lifetime, wasn't it? It all sounds heavenly and rejuvenating.

And now (if I could I would make this in tiny font) from the sublime to the ridiculous. What are the inhabitants of this small village called? Surely not Lechers?


Troy said...

Wow, sounds like an absolutely brilliant holiday.
My Scouse friend once had a similar holiday, or at least I think he did. He said he was going on a great holiday when there was enough to pay for it in the Lechy Meter. Seems a strange name for a jar.

Trash said...

That is a real family holiday.

Am now plotting ways I can make the terences fund my trip home this month.

diney said...

We passed through Lech on one or two occasions when in Austria and it is very beautiful. Your family obviously had a brilliant holiday, and it was great that your husband enjoyed it too despite his slight misgivings I detect? Great that your children helped to raise the funds, too.

My husband hates skiing but has come with us a few times and put up with his vertigo.Austria is beautiful in the summer too - we've been on 3 summer hols there and I totally recommend it.

notwavingbutironing said...

Sounds bloody fantastic. Glad it lived up to expectations. Did I mention I'm holidaying in Norfolk and Belfast this year? Yes, I did say Belfast. In August.

Tatersmama said...

Oh what a lovely, lovely holiday! And the fact that the children helped to earn their own money towards it, will make it doubly memorable for them in years to come.
Fingers crossed that your husband is now a convert... and you can enjoy many more trips en famille!

Pam said...

What a marvelous time you had. I'm so glad for you. And I'm going to steal your idea on saving up for the holiday with the kids. My son will love it!
By the way, I gave you a sunshine award at my place. It's for someone that makes you smile.

DJ Kirkby said...

That is completly amazing that everyone contributed to such a wonderful holiday. I hate skiing because I wipe out so very badly. Please come visit my Chez Aspie blog before Monday evening if you want a chance to treat your inner geek for free. I wont tell anyone. Promise ;)

London City Mum said...

Nothing better than a happy family holiday, especially one that you have all contributed towards in one way or another. It makes it that much more special.


Mother Hen said...

Thank goodness that story ended on a happy note, was worried that when you arrived, all would be different and horrible and nothing like you remembered!
Have had a fantastic holiday skiing with husband and two children recently as we all ski about the same now. Wizzing up and down the slopes non stop- It's wonderful.
I hope you all get to do it again some time.
From a new reader.

惠蘋 said...


becky said...

Just came across your blog~ what a lovely post! I love how you had to save so long to make it happen... I think things we have to work for have all more value... it sounds like you all had a very special & memorable trip!

I've clicked around on backposts~ really interesting & ENTERTAINING writing! Too funny about your little one & the towel chewing (oh, and the bottom scratching hubby!)! And a note on "Young at Heart"~ what a beautiful film.

Great blog~ I'll be checking in again!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Hello lovely folks. Been away... as you can see by the post, and then it was Easter, and then there has been a colossal pile of washing... gargantuan. Really. And friends to stay and lovely things to do... the point I am TRYING to make is that I am a lazy git and cant do comments for each one. Even Troy. (by the way, liked the Lechy Meter...why didnt we think of that??!)
And so thank you all for lovely lovely comments, and a big HELLO to those nice people called Mother Hen and Becky who left comments for the first time. Nice to meet you!
As for the rest of you... love you all to bits, as you all know. xxx

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

How marvellous LWM. So pleased you all had such a lovely, lovely time. I can almost hear the clink of the first pennies into the savings jar! A x

lakeviewer said...

I came in from Midlife. You're a hoot@!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Anne - thank you!! We are now saving for the next holiday... strawberry plants have been hoiked out of the earth and are now in neat pots wanting new owners. No buyers yet!!xx
lakeviewer - how nice to see you!! Glad you enjoyed the ride here... although you may need your seat belt with some posts. xx

richad said...

Libby's Library said...

It sounds absolutely wonderful!
Hope you get to go back very very soon:-)