Monday, 29 December 2008

Time to Pass on an Award

With all of the family around me every minute of the day, it is quite hard to get to my computer through the crowds and litter.
Not to mention the food that needs to be supplied, cafe-style, approximately every three hours throughout the day. And washed up. And put away.
Oh, and the washing. I counted 17 washes since last Monday, and that includes Christmas Day and Boxing Day, when I removed the plug so that no one could get to it for a surreptitious wash or two.
Did I mention how boring I have got?
For those of you not yet supine on your keys with boredom, I am here to dish out 5 awards. Damned exciting. So much more fun than cleaning those Wellington Boots that are glaring at me from the door. (They have to go in a car and I can't bear the thought of all the mud on the clean car). (Oh, and I have to clean the car, as I can't bear the thought of the clean boots in a dirty car).
Did I mention how boring I have got?
Right. Awards. Lets get this Show On The Road.
Lights, please.
The wonderfully kind Working Mum on the Verge has passed this one on to me...and I love it, so thank you WM!

I have the lovely task of passing it on to 5 other bloggers... that 'make me laugh, cry, think or sigh'. So that's what I have done. My problem is that you all do that.
So... these are some of the bloggers after which I have either had to change my pants I laughed so hard, or have made me cry. Or who made me stop short and think. Or who make me take a huge breath, and sigh. Usually with pleasure.
(Here I have to stop with small technical detail...[did I mention how boring I have got?] Have not got the faintest idea how to make the following names connect you to their blogs. When I do know, then I can change them. Quickly. Without anyone noticing.)

Diary of a Desperate Exmoor Woman - makes me laugh like a drain. She has been absent lately but I hope she will find her way to pick this up. Oh, and write some more!
East Anglian Troy - for always making me laugh hard and long. And for Technological Help when Desperate. And for bumping up those comment numbers.
Postcards from Across the Pond - more laugh out loud material, from someone who just Loves Writing.
Parenting the Google Way - have had to change underwear after one particular post (not really, but exaggeration is a Must in Blogging) where she describes what you need to take with you on first trip with baby. Ouch. Very funny.
Not Enough Mud - just love the What Will Happen Next element in these posts! Especially as I lived in Fulham too, as YFS. (young, free, single)
Hadriana's Treasures - always somewhat comforted by Hadriana's posts... and by her comments. Feels like I have a friend up there in the North.

To you all. This is actually horrible. There are so many wonderful bloggers and I Do Not Like Choosing. That is why I cannot count. That is why there are 6 awards. Do you think anyone would notice if I had another 18?

Oh, sod it.
Now I have to try and get that award up on my Blog so that you can get to it. That's the bit that will be Quite Taxing, I think.
A Very Happy New Year to you all. As a Blogger Virgin, it's Been A Blast.
Here's to 2009.
See you there!


Kitty said...

Congratulations on your award, and for passing it on to others. It's when others pass on awards to blogs I don't know, that I find fabulous new people to read. Thanks for that.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.


Kevin Musgrove said...

Excellent stuff, well done!

Suburbia said...


It drives me mad when you have to stop blogging to feed the family!!!

MikeH said...

Congrats on your award, and a great big "thank you" for passing it on to me.

All the best in 2009.

Frog in the Field said...

Dear Ladybird World Mother,
I've just discovered you, and what a great Blog you write!
I'll look forward to visiting again soon
Happy New Year to you

East Anglian Troy said...

Thanks for this award - as always I'm really chuffed to get an award.
Also can't remember the last time a lady I've never actually met put my name and "hard and long" in the same sentence. Especially one who describes herself as a "Virgin". So lots of firsts today!
Methinks I must send you an e-mail explaining how to link names and blogs together. After the clumsy insertion it will all come naturally thereafter.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Kitty - Thank you! Isnt it just great to find new Hot Bloggers, as I call them. Such a find. Hope you enjoy any new ones here. Happy New Year to you too!X
Kevin Musgrove - thank you! Happy New Year and looking forward to reading more of your blog.
Suburbia - glad you feel that way too! Food is the bane of my life. And now its nearly lunch time and I only just cleared up breakfast. Dammit. Happy New Year!X
Mike H - its a pleasure! When I get my techno-hat on, will make sure your name has link on it. Troy is helping me with this Very Complicated Thing. Nightmare.
(techno thing, not Troy)
Frog - Thank you!! I just love having a new Blogger Mate! Will zoom over to yours later. After making the damned lunch. X
Troy - talk about clumsy insertions... am still battling with links and dragging. Not working out yet but will am sure. May have to request further assistance. But have to make lunch. Now thats something I Can Do. Joy.

Google Mummy said...

Big congrats on your award and even bigger thanks for mine!! you are so kind. Wishing you lots of blogging happiness for 2009 - can't wait to read more of your blog!


Exmoorjane said...

Ah, you have done the impossible and cheered me a little. My absence is for a sad reason - my mother has been very ill in hospital and the end came yesterday morning..... I shall return - when the dust settles and the headache lifts and the endless lists of relatives have been contacted.....hymns chosen and all.
But a huge thank you for my award....I am short on blog bling so this is most welcome. I shall display with pride on my return. 2009 WILL be a better year.....

Ladybird World Mother said...

Am Home. Aaaaaah. Wonderful. Its bed time now and day from Hell tomorrow but will try and get some Personal Feedback, as I am sure they say somewhere, to each and every one of you lovely people, some time tomorrow.
What a nice homecoming. Thank you! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
To Exmoorjane - the very biggest of hugs to you, you darling blogger, in what must be an awfully bleak time. I am so glad that you stopped by. Much love and Courage. Will be thinking of you as you choose those hymns and make all those phone calls. Just hope you have some family to do it with. Family is good.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Thank you LWM - Much, much appreciated! You do inspire me so very much...I want to be like you! So to receive an award like this from you...super duper duper and cheers me right up! Once I've had a thought about it I will pass it on...absolutely. Happy New Year to you too!

Ladybird World Mother said...

What a lovely thing to say. Thank you! Am very pleased it has cheered you up. Thats good.
dont think you would be very inspired by me this morning... am wearing extraordinary fur hat (fake) fingerless gloves and rug wrapped round middle. Postman has just seen me through kitchen window. Given me cheery wave. Am SO EMBARRASSED.. xx