Thursday, 11 December 2008

School Play

We went to the School Christmas Play yesterday. Me, my husband and my parents.
Blissfully sunny day. Walked the 20 yards to school. View across white frosted fields to the downs in the distance, the tufts of Chanctonbury Ring sticking up like a little boy's unbrushed hair in the morning.
Hello's to all. Introducing my parents. Am inexplicably moved that they are Alive and Here.
Go into classroom where Stage is.
Need to explain. Our school has 61 pupils. There is no hall or gymnasium. There are 3 classrooms for 7 classes. The School Christmas Play will take place in the Infants classroom , with the entire school on stage All The Time.
The whole school play thing is the same each year. But we love it.
First we get to sit on chairs that make our knees come up round our ears.
Hard. Concrete hard. Then we get to sit veryveryveryclose to the person next to us. Have to decide with neighbour whether to sit forward, or backward. Not enough room for side by side.
Then have to wait A Very Long Time for the play to begin.
The Performance Began...
My 3 younger children were all in the play. Eldest Of Them was dressed in Crimson Velvet with jaunty little cap on head. Looked simply marvellous. Middle was in Narrator Costume (bollocks really, but still looked gorgeous). Youngest (4) was a Tree. Yup. A Tree. Had on cream coloured pillow case with leaves on it. Brilliant!
Well. My Cup Overfloweth. The four of us sat in the front row (we had trodden on the faces of women and children to get there) and cried for most of the hour's performance.
Eldest had to do a solo. We had no idea, but he had stepped in for someone who was ill. He was Superb. So, cried then.
Then Middle got up to do Narrating and was simply wonderful and looked so damned pretty that cried again.
Then Little got up to do Tree Dance. He punched the air as he got up, as if to say, 'YEAH! Bring it on.....!'
'Tree Dance' consisted of walking back and forth for duration of song. No room for acrobatics as 50 others on stage at the same time. In not very big room. But cried again.
Kept passing old tissues up and down the row, as we all needed a Good Blow.
Clapped and whistled and boo'd in all the right places.
At the end all (6 of them) the Year 6's sang a song. With Eldest smack in the middle in his Crimson Velvet. Cried again.
Clapped and Clapped. Hands and noses raw.
Came out into late afternoon low sun. Parents everywhere smiling and laughing. The occasional red nose and hand clutching sodden tissues.
We walked back home, 20 yards. Children holding our hands. Back home for tea and a roaring fire.
Heart full.
Eyes brimming.
Lucky, lucky me.


East Anglian Troy said...

So you enjoyed it then?

Zoë said...

I miss these times now that mine are both grown and off to Uni, although I have managed to replace it with a similar pride when one of them gets published, or the other sells a design.

Occasionally, I dig out the old videos from their school days and Nativity plays and have a secret happy boo.


Ladybird World Mother said...

Troy - cant see keyboard as am laughing too hard... yes, I did thanks!! Oh, you do make me chuckle.
Zoe - secret happy boo sounds a good plan. I think I enjoyed yesterday so much (yes I did troy!) because I know that it will all pass. My eldest is at uni...his childhood just raced by. So my youngest 3 I will enjoy as much as possible.
Meanwhile, enjoy those big children too! You must be v proud of them.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing when you see your angels performing isn't it. Amy was in her school play on Monday night and I was so proud of her.

CJ xx

Google Mummy said...

if i made films, i'd use your house / school / life for the backdrop for all things happy and idyllic.

i'm weepy just at the thought of it!

Suburbia said...

That's so lovely! I can't wait to see Small Sprogs one next week. I always cry, even if the children are not mine!!!

Special times :)

Sorrow said...

awe, not thats what i miss..
the little ones putting there all into it!
Thanks luv
felt like i was sitting there up in front with you..
Scuzz gotta go get a hankie...

Debs said...

It sounds wonderful. I remember those days well, but sadly my too are too old for Nativity plays.

blogthatmama said...

Sounds like a very happy day and lovely that the grandparents were there too. I've got TT's next week, I've never quite got over Danny Boy's Year 6 solo as the Artful Dodger singing 'I'd do Anything' - I'm filling up now, must get a tissue...

Maggie May said...

Isn't it lovely. I have watched my Granddaughter in her Nativity....... played the part of a chorus of stars.
The youngest one's play is on Monday........ yep another star!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Well you had me laughing and crying there LWM. I could see it all. Fabulous memories. Thrilled for you too that your parents were able to witness it all. Thanks so much for sharing this.

A x

Bina said...

Only 20 yards to school? And only 61 pupils? Really? Where do you live?

Ladybird World Mother said...

crystal jigsaw - totally wonderful! I bet Amy was just gorgeous!
google mummy - oh, its not all hearts and roses! but its a good 'ordinary' life, and its mine, and I love it! Thank you...
suburbia - dont forget your camera, like we did! I agree, tears are 'de rigeur' (sp?)I reckon. Marvellous.
sorrow - hope you found your hanky! It really is a good time of the year for a good cry...
debs - I am dreading when mine are too old for this. But by then might have a grand child or two! Crikey, what a thought.
blogthatmama - oh, now that must have been a very teary moment. Box of tissues at the very least. How proud you must have been!
Maggie may - it seems it's stars, snowflakes or angels... big parts for those small people! Grand children... that is just so damned nice.
strawberry jam anne - thank you! Lovely comment. It really was wonderful having my parents there. They live a couple of hours away, have really busy lives, and its something of a rarity for them to come... and to stay the night. So just lovely!
Bina - am deep in the depths of West Sussex in England... very rural, with tractors going by. Beautiful! Hope your son is OK. Am thinking of him. X

Mummy said...

That sounds like a wonderful play! My little one's was last week too. I have written about it so must type it up and blog it! :) So glad it went so well!

Sandi McBride said...

I miss my angel Granddaughter's being in public school instead of Church school now...they don't get to show off their considerable talents (of lack of) in Christmas plays there...makes me sad. Thanks for sharing yours.
congrats on Post of the Day mention!

Vodka Mom said...

that was lovely. life is good.

Tessa said...

Oh, oh, utterly wonderful. You must be popping with pride. Gosh! What memories you've evoked.

I remember my youngest, aged 3, as Jesus (I know, I know...but she was round and plump and perfect for the role!) in her nursery school play. She sat in a wheelbarrow full of hay, sucking her thumb and gazing out at the audience with a sleepy look of contentment while shepherds and kings and Mary and Joseph went about their business behind her. I laughed and blubbed ... all at the same time!

Ladybird World Mother said...

mummy - you must, as its so nice to have that record of it down on paper.
Sandi - must be sad not to get to see them in these brilliant Christmas Plays... makes damned good memories!
VM - Sure is! Was quite some afternoon... very glad I wrote it down.
Tessa - how totally gorgeous! Can she remember being baby Jesus?!