Friday, 5 December 2008

This is a totally crap picture but am wondering if anyone might know the star that was right next to the moon on Monday night? This was taken about 6.30pm. My children kept saying,
'Mummy, that will be a really bad picture,'
'Mummy, what are you dooooooooing?'
'Mummy, it's a bit dark. I don't think it will work very well. You might need the flash.'
Thanks, kids.
Need a bloody miracle.

Crikey, it really is a shit picture.


The Dotterel said...

My guess is Venus - so a planet, rather than a star. But it's about the only thing bright enough to be seen that close to the moon, and the time - 6.30pm - is about right. Not for nothing is it called 'The Morning and The Evening Star'.

Libby said...

There where 2 stars close to the moon the other night and they where venus and jupiter!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love your header picture, what a beautiful beach! I miss the sea!!!!!

Suburbia said...

Maybe the space station, but it's probably that tool box that the spacelady dropped! I did think at the time, that if a man had dropped the tool kit in space, it would never have made the headlines !

Lindsay said...

Speck of dust on lens?!

East Anglian Troy said...

On the afternoon of Monday 1st December the moon occulted Venus. That means that the path of the moon, which is much closer than Venus, moved across Venus. Its a line of sight thing. Also the planet Jupiter was quite close to Venus but is probably lost in the glare of the moon when you looked out on Monday.
On my blog there is a website link which takes you to night sky features for the coming week. Unfortunately last week's which featured this occultation has just been updated with this coming weeks.
But on Youtube there is a short video of it
Bet you didn't expect a full lecture on it?

Ladybird World Mother said...

the Dotterel - reckon you are right. Seemed very bright and in the right sort of place.
Libby - Oh, well there we are then... thanks for clearing that one up.. there was another star close by but my brilliance at photography meant I missed it out.
Thanks for kind comments. Sea is good, isnt it.
Suburbia - LOL! so true. How awful, though to drop a damned tool box and everyone to know!
Lindsay - Thats it!!! Cheeky. Or large piece of food. Wouldnt be out of place in this house.
Troy - loved the full lecture, especially as I was really quite excited by the sight and did wonder if I had been missing something for the last 48 years.
Now I know. Yes I have!

Sorrow said...

they have all said venus..
and i laughed at the one who said a speck of dust..
how about a space ship?
or maybe a satellite?
or maybe a flash of brilliance?
took a picture of the moon once, it looked like the star of David.. bulb raw setting on a digital camera..thats what happens when I am clueless..

DJ Kirkby said...

My guess is that it was a satellite? I think it is a very impressive photo!

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

It's not a bad picture. It gets the job done! It's Venus.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Here in the US Jupiter the Moon and Venus had a conjunction. It was awesome, but my pictures were far from perfect:)

Vodka Mom said...

i just think it's cool that you used Crikey and shit in the same sentence.

Malc said...

It looks very much like punctuation.

Venus, though - live and learn.

cheshire wife said...

Whatever it is the photo is brilliant!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Sorrow - flash of brilliance!! Love it... that's definitely what it was...
Dj Kirkby - impressive photo, ??! not sure about satellite thing as now think it was Venus as is still there now, although without moon next to it. What a confusing sentence!
Jen - Thank you!! But it is a shite picture.
Far side of fifty - a conjunction, eh? Is that what Troy was talking about? All I know is that it looked unusual, so much so I had to take 'that' picture!
Vodka mom - next time I'll add bollocks too... Whaddya think?
Malc - you're right, or what about an emoticon? I've lived and learned and now know that IT WAS VENUS. Hooray. Thank you!
Cheshire wife - I like the 'whatever it is' bit!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

My Hubby points to the sky and said "Look" and I said, "yeah, so?" and then read about how these two planets were so close etc... for days. Oh well, not the first time I was so obstinate I missed something. I don't think your picture is so bad. I can see two lights which is better than I would've captured!

Ladybird World Mother said...

imbeingheldhostage - you are just too kind! Those 2 lights are probably the flash light reflection...