Monday, 14 December 2009

Some Like It Hot

Children had sausage rolls for their tea tonight.
Heated them up in the oven.
Placed them lovingly on plates with mashed potatoes and vegetables. To make up for the fact I was giving my children food Out Of A Packet.
Lit the Advent Candles.
Filled their glasses with water.
Checked the brownies baking in the oven.
Did a couple more Unbelievably Good Mother things.
Youngest checked out his plate.
'Don't really like hot sausage rolls, Mummy,' he announced.
'Oh,' said I, with Some Sarcasm, 'Well, unless I put them in the freezer, they will just have to stay hot.'
And I carried on with my washing up. A Woman's Work is Never Done. Etc.
Turned round to see that Youngest had eaten half his sausage rolls.
Didn't say anything. Just did a quiet YES in my head. As you do.
As I turned back to the washing up, could see Youngest in the reflection of the window. Nipping across the room and doing something.
Involving sausage rolls.
And the freezer.
Carried on watching.
Observed Youngest opening Freezer and taking out a handful of mini sausage rolls and returning to his seat.
And eating with Great Relish.
You have to acknowledge the Logic of the boy.
Don't like Hot.
Put it somewhere Cold.
Take out and Eat.


Heather said...

the things they grasp on to is hilarious.

Pam said...

I need to do more watching and less yelling. Lovely story.

Alix said...

For reals! Could have saved you a lot of trouble and saved energy too.

He sounds like a brilliant little handful. Lucky you!

Tatersmama said...

Now that's one clever lad. I'm thinking he takes after his Mummy, eh?
Next time, just give him frozen ones and see what he says!

Mwa said...

Well, I suppose you did suggest it. So you can't blame him afterwards.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

He's a bright one.

glad it isn't just me who high 5s to herself when her children do what has been suggested to them.

Troy said...

Quite the Delia aren't you? You must give us your recipe for mash potatoes.

trash said...

No, no. You don;t understand. Heating them was essential even if he was just to cool them again. The texture of the pastry is different after heating and tastes MUCH better and less stodgy. Well done clever and talented scientist Youngest!

Robynn's Ravings said...

And to think all these years you've been COOKING food when you could have served it right out of the freezer. They might have informed you sooner! The hot baths and wanton nap taking you could have enjoyed with all that wasted time!

geraldgee said...

Do they do food out of packets Ladybird World Mother? xx

Anonymous said...

Very logical. Anything been disappearing from the freezer lately?

Ladybird World Mother said...

Hi there everyone... up to ears, and higher with too many things to do... horrible... no time to sit and drink my tea and visit you all. Forgive my absence for a while... but for goodness sake leave a comment... it will cheer me when I CAN sit quietly for a moment or two.
Kisses all round.xxxx

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Glad to oblige LWM. My first visit for about 5-6 weeks and you came up trumps yet again. I knew you would. Lovely story, can just imagine it all! A x

Tattie Weasle said...

No flies on that one then - I adore childish logic so much more straight forward than adult logic!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Sit quietly for more than a minute or two. I remember how rare those moments came when mine were young. Freezer dinners - my guilt only hung for a very short time.

Love the time of this piece, as well. Loved the movie!

DJ Kirkby said...

Kids are so clever. N3S has just discovered the deligths of suasage rolls (which I despise) and N2S has decided that he adores things like homemade venison pie. Mealtimes are a challenge in our house.

The Dotterel said...

I'm with Trash (above)... heated, then cooled. Nothing like it. Way to go, that boy!!