Thursday, 6 November 2008

You're It!

You've been tagged... it said. Oh, I thought. What the hell is that? Is it the Blog Police? Will I go to Blog Prison? Or do I win a Blog Raffle?
None of these! Phew.
Instead just have to write down some random things about myself.
Six things, I think.
So, here goes...

When I was twenty eight I was in a relationship that was 'not good'. It really needed to be ended, but I couldn't do it. While in this quandry I realised that I was pregnant. I went through pregnancy howling with sadness most days and unable to see any wood for the trees at all, as the trees crowded out any sanity I might have had.
On 2nd June 1989, my darling son was born. From the very moment I saw him, all wrapped up in his little blanket, I just knew who he was and, finally, who I was. We grew together, my son and I. We did it alone. And then one day my husband came into my life. Now we do it together. And it's grand.

When I was little I longed to be married, with 4 children, lots of chickens, and a couple of cats. Now I am a grown up, and am married with 4 children, lots of chickens and a couple of cats. How cool is that?!

About twenty years ago I taught a little girl who had a terminal illness. I loved her to bits. She would come up to me in the classroom (she was eight years old) and ask me if I loved her more than the other children in the class. What could I say? Yes, of course. She died at the end of that school year. I think of her a lot. And in my little box of treasures, I have just one of the many pictures she drew for me, with 'I love you, love Annie,' written inside a big red heart.
I love you too, Annie.

I was proposed to once by an ex-boyfriend. He filled his bedroom with flowers and had little notes everywhere with references to marriage and weddings and all. I got very confused with all the notes and the flowers, especially as we had split up. Finally I got to the last note.
Marry Me, it said.
There he was, face all lit up with happy expectation... I heard the biggest NO inside my head. And what did I say?
'Oh, well, that sounds lovely...' In typical fashion, I didn't want to break his heart, and so thought I would make it easier by not saying no immediately.
Needless to say I broke his heart slowly instead.

I can play the piano. I had a go at Grade 8 but A' levels got in the way and I stopped the exams and just played for the hell of it. Every school I have taught at think I am better than I really am, and I am clobbered with teaching music, playing in assemblies, and generally doing stuff I am not quite good enough to do. But I struggle on, and get away with it because I LOVE music and LOVE the way children get music.

I was once sick into a lady's hand bag on a plane. I never told her.

I was once sick on my friend while on one of those teapot swirly things at a fair. We are still friends.

I love taking photos. I spend ages lining up a photo, getting it absolutely right, taking it, and then printing it out and having it stuck up on one of my kitchen cupboards. Everyone who comes to my house goes from cupboard door to cupboard door looking at them all.

I was once madly in love with a ski instructor. He was from Vienna. I was twenty. On our skiing holiday I would dream about him when not in one of his lessons, and blush madly when I was.
Then, last winter when I went skiing with my darling parents (my father still skis and is 81 - he is my hero) I saw my old skiing instructor, in the same shop as me. I smiled at him and said hello. He said hello back, and I explained that he had taught me years ago. He was sweet. And just a little boring. We shook hands and said goodbye. And I very quietly and gladly laid another ghost to rest.

That's it. Me in a nutshell. Equal proportions of heavy and light. More than 6. Got carried away with different vomit stories.
Will have to think about who to tag. Do I have enough Blog friends to do this, I ask myself. Blogger No Mates. Thats me.


Boliath said...

You never told her you were sick in her handbag! That poor woman!

The rest made me laugh except when I felt sad for the poor rejected suitor and the pregnant you.

Kitty said...

The great thing about these memes is that they tell us fabulous things about the person behind the blog.

Vomit stories are so tempting - no wonder you went over your allotted 6. I enjoyed it very much (not the vomit ... the random facts).


Suburbia said...

I so loved reading about you, especailly the vommit didn't tell the old lady ?!!!!

Enjoyed all your romances too.

Thanks for visiting me.:)

Tara said...

You can't beat a good vomit story.
See how many people will now flock to worship at your altar now you've admitted to throwing up in some poor sod's handbag!

Just wanted to say thanks so much for visiting and for supporting Sparx who was guest posting.
I felt so awful because no one could comment all day and she must have felt like Billy no mates!

Adventure Mother said...

Awhh, I'm sure your not "Blogger No Mates". After reading that post, you'll have loads of blogger mates and at least the vomiting wasn't alcohol induced!

Lyn said...
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Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Glad you were tagged - great reading! Like the idea about the photos too - may give it a try. And thanks for your comment on my blog.


Vodka Mom said...

I love your random facts!! they were fantastic!

Ladybird World Mum said...

Thanks to you all for your lovely comments.
Boliath - I know, wasn't it awful not to tell her, but I just felt so bad and didnt have the courage to tell her! (it was only a little bit, honest!)
Kitty - thank you! Sorry too about the vomit! I'll stick with random next time... I also had one about going to the loo but refrained... (no, not into someone's hand bag.)
Suburbia - will visit you again. Loved your blog. Thanks for your comment!
Tara - really enjoyed Sparx'x post and was glad I saw it... thanks for dropping by and for your comment. I appreciate it!
Adventure mother - looks like I'm not without blogger mates after all! Thanks for what you said. Vomit was plane induced indeed... never again!
Lyn ! So nice to get a comment from someone I dont know. How cool is that. Thank you! Glad you liked it. Will go and visit you.
Vodka mum - glad you liked it too! Always appreciate your comments.
Thanks all!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey that was hilarious! Glad I came over! The vomit stories were pretty good! I entertain easily. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Yes the little old ladies in America used to think that a cat would steal a baby breath away and suffocate them. It is an old wives tale. Yes cats are much better off in your lap! Nice to meet you! :)

Mummy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :o) I'm still chuckling at the vomit stories!

Debs said...

I loved reading those snippets of your life, though do feel sorry for that poor vomit-filled bag lady.

Millennium Housewife said...

LOL at the sick in the lady's handbag one and read it out to Husband who spit his tea out and now we have a stain on the sofa that will always remind me to take travel sickness pills when travelling. MH

21st Century Mummy said...

LOL - that poor lady's handbag. Don't know why but it reminded me of the time I left flicked the ants off my bosses sandwiches and served them up anyway. A great tag. Thanks for popping over to say hello on my blg. A big HI to Strawberry Jam Anne too...I wonder if she'll recognise my alter-ego :-D

Ladybird World Mum said...

far side of fifty - thanks for dropping by! I thought of you yesterday as I had my cat plonked firmly on my stomach as I lay on the sofa! Could hardly hear the tv for the purring...
mummy - glad you liked it! So funny that the vomit made such an it were... certainly did on the poor woman who's bag got the hit!
debs - 'vomit filled bag' !! that sounds so gross. Honest, there wasnt much!
21st century mummy - like the sandwich tale! The things we do and keep quiet about... did he notice I wonder?

East Anglian Troy said...
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Ladybird World Mum said...

have sent the email and hope it works. If you dont receive it let me know and I will try again.

DJ Kirkby said...

Stories 1 & 3 made me cry (and I don't do empathy) but I had to stop reading as soon as you started writing about vomit! Hello, Troy sent me here.

Caroline said...

Just found your blog and am so pleased that I have. Hi! I am often sick on people too.