Monday, 24 November 2008

Girls Night Out

Had a ball on Saturday Night. Went out with the girls. Drank champagne. Drank cheap red wine. Went to a Thai restaurant and laughed too loudly. Drank more champagne. Went back to my friend's house with two other friends. Laughed too loudly. Went to bed. Shared the room with my darling friend A. We chatted for hours. Laughed too loudly.
In the morning we all made scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with bagels and ate it together on a huge bed. In our dressing gowns. Bliss.
We laughed and laughed. Too loudly.
My girl friends. These are friends who know my history ( yes, they know I was sick in a bag and it wasn't a sick one). Friends who have held my hand during heartbreak, child birth and the Chippendales. Friends who only have to glance up and smile and I know they have got the joke. Friends who Know Me.
You know, I really love my husband. I really love my children. They are my life. But how I love to be with those friends who make me laugh like a drain, eat like a horse, and, on occasion, drink like a fish.
I am always knackered after a girls night. Need to get home and rest. Need to clock in to my family and restore myself. Need to be back.
But, oh, the silliness of the jokes and the easy nonsense of our conversations. Knowing and being known.
They are the third side of the triangle for me... family, friends... and Girl Friends.
Thank you, my friends. You know who you are.


imbeingheldhostage said...

wow, I really envy you! What a gift to have friends like that and to be able to get away... I'll trade you snow for a girl's night :-)

Suburbia said...

Oh that's so lovely, I know just how you feel!! What would we do without all our friends?

Was it a birthday or something? Champagne and smoked salmon with eggs sounds terribly posh!

Footy Mum said...

That just touched a spot 4 me and is something I don't do enough and am going to make sure I do!! I haven't laughed like that in ages and certainly need too!!
Sounds like a great night :)

East Anglian Troy said...

Lucky you!

Common Tater said...

You are a very lucky person. It's easy to get lost in the everydayisms of family life, which in and of itself is priceless, but you definitely need to make time for yourself to be the best YOU & ________ & wife & mother & all around well balanced human being that you can be.

Nothing combats the accumulative wear and tear of Life like Laughter!

Well done.

Kitty said...

Yep, I love those girls' nights too. Life just isn't the same without them. x

Ladybird World Mother said...

imbeingheldhostage - I am v. lucky. My lovely husband looks after our children while I have giggle fest. Mind you, I return the favour for his own giggle fests...
Suburbia - a 50th!! The first one to get there of us lot... dont do that for birthdays without the 'zero'!
Footy Mum - it really is a tonic, isn't it, just to laugh uproariously... hope you get the opportunity to do the same asap...
Troy - am v. lucky to have friends who despite my absurd sense of humour are still prepared to laugh. OK, here comes my first ever emoticon... (not that) :)
There! How about that?!
Common Tater - what a lovely comment. And a wise one. Thank you!
Laughter sure is the medicine for me. And being with friends. Put them both together and its heaven!
kitty - glad you get to do them too... an essential part of the social diary!

cheshire wife said...

It sounds as if you had a really good time. Hope you are recovered from being knackered.

East Anglian Troy said...

You gave ME your first ever emoticon! I feel so touched yet so unworthy.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all! I love the bubbly stuff too, but the bottles are so large you have to have friends to help you out:)

Ladybird World Mother said...

Cheshire wife - surprisingly...! felt v tired for the next day. Am now fully back on track. Worth every minute though.
Troy - :) ;) (am cheating, have long list here with some pretty weird ones... how about 8-) or 8o1
Leave you to work them out. Totally baffling. Who made these??!!
Far side of fifty - aren't bubbles just the best. My husband and I worked out that sharing one bottle is perfect. No more, no less. Now our eldest is 19 he gets to share too... and the question arises... do we open another one?? tricky. What d'you reckon?!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi LWM...sounds like a super night out (a bit more exciting than mine!!)...There's an award waiting for you at my place.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Hadriana - Thank you !!! How lovely. Am well pleased.