Monday 13 September 2021

Radiotherapy Day 15

And it's all over! The happiness is crazy and the thankfulness is huge.
Went down with Husband, picking up Daughter on the way.
Beautiful, beautiful morning. Blue sea, light dancing off the water.
Arrived twenty minutes early.
Handed over a box of Celebrations to my chums John and David in reception.
They were delighted, and twinkled at me in their gorgeous way.
Thank you! they said. And we exchanged lots of silliness, before Daughter and I went round the corner to B1. For the last time!
Husband parked the car, and came and joined us.
B1 machine is on time today. Joy.
I'm called in.
The nurses are cheerful, kind and lovely as ever.
It's your last one! they say.
I know! I laugh. Can't believe it.
Up I hop on the bed.
Vicky looks at my boob. I'm so used to this now I don't even notice.
See that prickly heat? she says. Take piriton. Especially before bed. It will make it itch less.
Great idea! I say. And make a mental note to do just that.
There's a student nurse there today. She smiles down at me.
Sorry, she says, I'm learning.
I tell her I'm so glad she's there. They pull me around and up and down. There's a lot of teaching going on, but it's so professionally done, I hardly notice.
Finally they are done.
I have an itch on my forehead. It's ferocious! One of the nurses comes near me again, and I ask her to scratch it for me. Oh, the relief!
And I'm left alone for the last time.
This time I am approaching the end of a marathon. I'm being lifted by hundreds of people, and we slowly surge towards the finishing line.
These are all the people who have been praying for you, says Father God. They wanted to carry you over the finishing line!
I lie there, smiling. Even if there is another persistent itch on my forehead that I can't wait to scratch again.
The nurses come back in.
You're all done! they say. And haul me up for the last time.
Do up my poppers on my robe.
And I get changed, leaving the robe hanging up in the cubicle, all ready for someone else. God BLESS that person.
And hand over another box of Celebrations to the nurses, along with a card and a heartfelt message of gratitude in it, for them all.
And we leave, in the sunshine, waving to John and David on our way out.
And we go to Marmalade, probably the best cafe in the world, which just so happens to be down the road. And I have a latte and a salmon and avocado bagel, Daughter has a boiled egg with soldiers, and Husband has a BLT.
So happy. Thank you, God!


Vicus Scurra said...

Excellent. Don't do this again.
Love and peace.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Now you've got that long list of things you hadn't realised you wanted to do to be getting on with. The boring stuff can wait.

Far Side of Fifty said...

So happy you are still around, that was a real journey through radiation...with Jesus there with you did it!