Saturday, 7 November 2020

Radiotherapy Day 3

Penny came today. Another bright beautiful spring day. We roared with laughter most of the way, and arrived 20 minutes early.
Penny laughed some more when I told her that the parking was free.
Yes! she said, punching the air with delight.
We fetched our parking permit, and put it in the car.
Walked along to the waiting room.
No sooner had I sat down and got comfortable than a nurse calls out my name.
Penny and I stare at each other, amazed.
Really? I say. But my appointment is at 9.30 and it's only 9.10.
It's your lucky day, says the nurse.
In I go.
This time I have my burgundy gown, all ready.
I strip off, put the gown on, open the door and wait.
There's my nurse, calling at me from down the corridor.
I walk quickly to the room, and lie down on the bed.
This time they need to come back in once they've left the room, because one of the measurements wasn't quite right.
I'm not concerned. ABBA is playing Waterloo on the radio, and I'm far too busy not toe tapping or moving my body to the beat.
The nurse disappears again.
Whirr. Brrrm. Click.
Jesus and I are dancing to rock and roll this time. I smile at the thought. Thank you, Jesus, I say.
Back comes the nurse. He helps me up and we sort out the robe.
I'm back in the waiting room in a couple of minutes.
Penny is knitting! With the knitting needles and balls of wool we saw on the first day.  She looks up and says joyfully, I'm knitting!
I can see you are, I say, laughing.
And these people are from my church, announces Penny. She is smiling with delight.
We chat, for 3 more rows of knit and pearl.
I'll do one more, says Penny, and then we'll go.
This is a prayer scarf, she says. Look, I've created some light. And she shows me the scarf that has been started. Her chosen colour is a light shade of green.
Cool, I say, grinning at her.
We leave the knitting in the box, and say goodbye to Cathy and John from the church.
Back we go via the seafront. It is definitely the way to go!


Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope you are getting along okay. My sister in law has chemo then surgery a double and then just finished with radiation about two weeks ago,,,she describes her skin as crispy:(

Vicus Scurra said...

Hello my lovely friend. I have only just seen these posts. I am wishing you joy, love and peace throughout your days. Thank you for enriching us all with your writing.

Unknown said...

I have not been here for so long. I have a lot to catch up on. Big hugs to you.

Suburbia x

Clippy Mat said...

I woke up this morning and remembered I used to have a blog so thought I’d visit, but came here first. I’ve been catching up but you’ve stopped again! Hope you’re ok during life, and this crazy pandemic. I’ll come back to check. Xx