Saturday, 2 July 2011

I'm Still Standing....

My new Best Friend. In the middle.
My old Best Friend. On the left. Husband.
And WHY didn't I take my camera??
WHY did I just have a crappy old mobile phone to take the PICTURE OF SUCH AN ICON?
And, no, I DON'T have a rather unpleasant stain on my left nipple. It was a VIP sticker, and bloody hard it was to rip off the shirt after we got home, I can tell you. (Gosh, what HUGE bazookas I seem to have. They aren't that big, honestly. It's the light. Ho hum.)
A REALLY fun evening. In Hove Cricket Ground, of all places. Meeting Elt (all his friends call him that, you see, and I AM a friend now that I have met him for at least 3 minutes) and rocking along to his music for almost THREE hours. I didn't know a single word of any of them, but know all the tunes, and so drove everyone mad around me as I 'yelled' all the songs without One Single Accurate Word of the Lyrics.
And then we got home, and the cat was sick.
Oh, well.
It was fun while it lasted.
THANK YOU to my darling Brother-in-law and Sister who donated these wonderful tickets to us... just because.
They ROCK.


Kathy G said...

Lucky you! I'd be ecstatic if I had a picture of me standing next to Elton. No matter what it looked like.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I'm so impressed. I love Elton John. And I probably do know most of the words. You are most certainly younger than me.

Cool picture - boobs and all.

martine said...

why do all the best stories end with 'and then the cat was sick':-)
thanks for sharing

Troy said...

Wow! One hole in my life is that I've never been to an Elton John concert despite absolutely loving his music.
Shame about the quality of your photo. I can see you hand on Elton's shoulders. I shudder to think where his hands are.

Ladybird World Mother said...

KG - I WAS ecstatic... so exciting. He was just so nice, and all so normal. Thrilling stuff!x
MJ - I am so not younger than you, but have a very bad memory for lyrics!! i know the key words and then just mumble the rest. Drives everyone nuts. Thanks for saying my boobs are cool. so are yours! x
Martine - I know, at least it beats 'I woke up and it was all a dream...' x
Troy - Round my waist!! He was so chubby that I couldn't get mine round his, as it were. So I elected for the neck. As you do. Oooh, you must go to a concert of his... such fun, and YOU would know the words! How cool is that!xx

Catharine Withenay said...

What a wonderful gift! I heard EJ in concert once (in Paris, of all places) and he was excellent - I am most envious!

diney said...

Wow - I've seen him twice in concert, but to have a chat to the man is awesome!
Why does something great end up with either a cat puking or the dog doing a wee on the carpet!!!

wonderwoman said...

wow, what an amazing evening - at least you have a pic, even if it is a mobile phone one! Its still pretty good!


Humdrum Mum said...

Cool!! -HMx

Kate said...

Excellent! Elt - lucky you. Was Dave there too? You'll be tripping off to the White Tie and Tiara Ball with Liz Hurley next!

Suburbia said...

Gosh, how brilliant!

(did his hair look real?!)

imbeingheldhostage said...

why is it that we never have the right camera when something BIG happens? Since you are such great friends now, maybe he'll be happy to pose in the family Christmas portrait this year? Congrats to you, how fun!