Thursday, 24 June 2010


Not sure whether to be glad or not that England is through to the next round. It's such bloody hard work watching that I would almost prefer to be eating my own toenails. In fact WAS eating own toenails.
Youngest asked, in the final five minutes of the England/Slovenia match,
'Mummy, can I say the 'F' word, please?'
His nerves, it would seem, were somewhat tattered.
I told him kindly that he couldn't say the 'F' word but he COULD say Bum, if he felt the need.
He did.
The utter relief of winning was mixed with the awful and real dread regarding the next match. Will we win? Can we? Might we? Really? Oh, god.
Remember those heady Tim Henman days? When we would cheerfully curl up on our sofas
and watch Tim playing his little white socks off.
He might win! we would all exclaim, 'He really, really might win!'
Then, just as we had given voice to that thought, he would start losing. Big Time. And then, just as we had resigned ourself to losing the sodding match, the bugger would go and win. Total Nightmare.
And so it is with England.
Yo-yo'ing between utter elation and downright misery.
Which is Not Good for the nerves.
I need to prepare myself for Sunday.
I will give myself permission to say the 'F' word. Only this time it's F**k. No mucking about with anything less.
I might EVEN say something Ruder.
On the other hand I may be Pleasantly Surprised by an Easy Victory, and then have to endure the next round.
I tell you, you just Can't Win.
Let's hope England bloody can.


Mother Hen said...

Try being in the house with England on one channel and USA on another.
Yah for John today though after 11 plus hours of tennis.
Sport in this country is F...... Mad!

Debbie said...

That is too funny that he asked if he could say the F word!

diney said...

I'd given up on England's rubbish footie and didn't watch it, even forgot about it being on, and then felt quite excited when I heard they had won...that and the brilliant tennis match..Bum! it was great to watch!

Lakeland Jo said...

I wish I could say otherwise but I am not optimistic

London City Mum said...

Half an hour in my company and I would have him swearing like a trooper. Suitably adapted for small ears, of course.


Clippy Mat said...

all eff words are allowed during the World Cup/England matches. It's in the FIFA rules. honestly.

Pam said...

Oh so true. My American colleagues couldn't understand why I didn't want to watch two tellies with them, flicking back and forth. I sat in my office, alone, and watched it on my computer while pulling my hair out and shouting like an old fish wife. I'm not sure they'd have understood comments like, "get it in you wanker". Like I said. Fish wife.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I DO understand!! It was pretty bad over here where we were trying to keep up with the England game and the USA game simultaneously. I thought we were going to burst when USA scored (not the first time when the rubbish ref disallowed it-- the second time when I discouragement had fully set in). We missed Defoe's goal and I think my nerves are glad for it.

Ladybird World Mother said...

MH - Oh, god... that match!! I think all sports watching is just too painful. Health and safety and all that...x
Debbie - bless him... but slightly mixed values, I think!
diney - I know, I know, depths of despair to heights of elation... NOT good for the digestion. x
LJ - neither am I. That is what is so depressing! And yet the damned optimism simply REFUSES to bugger off. Dammit. xx
LCM - you and me both, my language during such tense times is Very Bad Indeed. Glad though, that Youngest thought he needed to ask. xx
CM - perhaps it stands for F**king Insane Football Antics?? x
Pam - did giggle at the thought of you alone with computer, and yelling at it. !!! Still chuckling. Shall think of you on Sunday. xx
imbeingheldhostage - double whammy for you... dont think my little nerves could cope. Turn to drink, my friend. Its the only way. xx