Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Clearing out the cobwebs

Wow. I'm peering into this old blog and can see a few cobwebs and spiders lurking. Time to blow them off, shoo them out and get writing again.
To my delight, following on from my last piece of drivel posted a few weeks ago, I see a few old blogger friends are still here. How lovely is that! I shall go and visit after posting this.
Blogging is a funny old business, but so much more rewarding than the instant Facebook, which  becomes duller the more scrolling down you do. How much of LOOK AT ME NOW can I cope with?!
So. Here are a few details of the latest.
I've had a spot of breast cancer. Lumpectomy. Lymph node removal. All clear. Radiotherapy to follow. This is a new 'club' I am now a member of. One I didn't ever want to join, but oh, my goodness, the people in this club are so amazingly nice and kind and generous and brave. And I'm totally in awe of the NHS, who deal with truckloads of women like me per week, all pale and wan from worry. Each person is dealt with so kindly and wisely. Made me feel very grateful indeed. And the support! I had to ring the Breast Clinic to ask a couple of what I termed 'stupid questions'. The patience! (Can I walk the dog yet? Can I put ice cubes on my armpit as it feels all 'burny') All in all, top marks.
Children are all growing up. Well, obviously. That's what they do! From Eldest to Youngest, we still have overwhelming bouts of laughter. Wish I'd written more of them down, but I still get such a lot of joy (and so do they) when I read what I've already written in this blog. Memories that warm the heart! Even the really poo'ish ones.
I've written a book! And got an award! And I still do far too many exclamation marks!
Very happy about book. I'm trying to keep this blog anonymous, so that I don't have to edit what I say, hence not saying what the book is about. Or what it's called. But it's been a lifelong ambition to write one, and now I have.
And am now on to my next book. How fabulous is that!
Right. Off visiting some of you folks now. I'll leave a calling card as I go. (Hoping that isn't rhyming slang or a weird idiom for something unsavoury).
Have a beautiful day, one and all.