Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Right. It's time to blog. I have had a good old look at this layout business and it doesn't seem like the end of the world. Just a darn sight more complicated and until I find my feet, or rather my fingers, will just post about gentle things, and not bother with pictures or links because that would be very VERY scary. Anyway. Now to tell you all about this fascinating old life of mine. Enthrall you with wisdom, enlightenment, joy. Make you feel like it was worth coming here to visit.
Right. Um. Well.
Oh, yes!
Have bought a rain gauge.
I said a RAIN GAUGE. You know, one of those things that you shove out in the garden and measure how much rain you get. Why? Because then you know how much rain has fallen. I know, I know, I HAVE become enormously dull, but that is because we are trying not to spend any unnecessary money, and so I haven't been able to get out and buy things like CLOTHES or NICE THINGS but instead am buying things like RAIN GAUGES or TOILET LIMESCALE REMOVER.
Not very exciting, eh.
But am surprisingly rather pleased with my rain gauge. Half an inch of rain on Saturday night. A quarter of an inch since then. That makes three quarters of an inch! Which means that we need it to rain every day until about December for this drought of ours to be over. Apparently.
Having slid and squidged my way round our Bluebell Wood in mud up to my ankles, am amazed by the seriousness of this drought. My friend's husband is an engineer and has to work out HOW to make sure that there will be enough water for everyone during the Olympic Games. Don't envy him that job.  Because however you look at it, there won't be enough water for everyone at the Olympic Games.  Because there isn't enough water for everyone WITHOUT the Olympic Games.
But meanwhile there is water in our little stream running through our wood, and everything looks green and verdant and spring like.  And enough water for me to dash out to check the Rain Gauge.
Life can be SO satisfactory at times.
Note to self.
'Get a life.'
Not half as much fun as rain gauges, though.


Expat mum said...

It is absolutely mind-boggling that a country with as much rain as the UK, AND which is surrounded by bloody water, - has a drought!

Rob-bear said...
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Rob-bear said...

Ah, but your new toy will keep you fascinated with vital knowledge almost indefinitely. Especially if it will also gauge the dryness of the humour you encounter in the blogsphere. That might be a truly important thing to have.

And, well, ah, maybe not.

Here across the pond, we've rain, rain, and more rain in River City. Tonight, snow. Isn't life fascinating? Before that, a farmer to the west of us said it was so dry that he saw two trees fighting over a dog.

Oh, I dropped by from Cheshire Wife's estate. Um, make that cottage. She apparently will entertain all sorts and conditions of Humans. And Bears.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Ladybird World Mother said...

EM - I know, flipping drought, and we have just had another inch of rain. How do I know??!! RAIN GAUGE....
too exciting.
Rob bear - it is a little worrying just HOW fascinating I find my new toy!! SNOW???? Where???? Now I need a snow gauge. Oh, I have one... my ruler!! hugs back. x

About Last Weekend said...

Actually funnily enough, I would like one of those guys. (and usually I'm so not a gear head) I'm always fascinated how much water comes out of the sky

MadameSmokinGun said...

I've heard that it's 'the wrong sort of rain'. Bit like when we had 'the wrong snow' for the country to work. Apparently we need nice light rain to gently soak into the ground, but we've had nasty hard rain that bounces off and runs away. Judging by my boys' trousers/shoes/jumpers/heads I've got plenty of soakage-into-the-groundness but what do I know?

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