Friday, 14 October 2011

Insect Days

Had the most glorious time today.
It was an Inset day (Insect day) and after asking Youngest where he wanted to go, he announced, without any hesitation at all...
'DFS please.'
Had thought that he might like to go swimming/bowling/cinema/beach (please, no, too flipping cold) or maybe a little hot chocolate with a bucket of marshmallows on the top.
"OK!" I said. Brightly. Tightly.
And we did.
After a mighty nice breakfast at our local deli... BEFORE which Youngest complained long and hard about WHY should we have breakfast somewhere else and WHY didn't we just stay at home and WHY should he go when he didn't want to, etbloodycetera, and AFTER which Youngest said, WHY don't we come again tomorrow, and when I said No, quite firmly, due to the eye watering bill, he said but WHY until I quietened all of that sort of questioning with a Look.
Anyway, and so to DFS we went.
For God's sake.
And, once again, DFS poured its magic over us.
No, really!
We started with the Crap Sofas by the entrance (bright red and rock hard, euurggh, we all said) and moved on to the Floral Section (swirly flowers and shiny hard legs, eurrgghh, we all said) And then we moved on to the Electronic Chairs.
Awesome stuff.
You press a button and watch as your feet slowly appear from the floor until they are well above you and all you can see is the ceiling. We all sat in various violently coloured Electric Chairs (as Youngest called them) and waved cheerily across the yards of carpet and wandering Pensioners. (I have to watch that, as Pensioner will be me in 9 years)
And we ended up on a vast thing, about 15 feet long, presumably a sofa, but really, you would need a Hangar for that piece of kit...
We all sat in a straight line on this huge slice of Upholstery, when along came a rather keen shop assistant, eyes on stalks, as he probably thought we would buy the bugger.
But I said conversationally, nice sofa, how much, and he lit up like a Christmas Tree, and told us everything we never wanted to know about sofas, until our eyes glazed over and we began to swoon with boredom.
And so we left the Boring Man, as Youngest so aptly described him, and rejoined the normal world outside the shop.
It was fun, though, and we might make another trip next Insect Day, weather permitting.


June said...

This is thoroughly entertaining.
I only wish I knew what inset day is, and what DFS is.
I have become caught in a culture warp.

Troy said...

An inset day is an IN-SErvice Training day for teachers, DFS, the British furnishing retailer, used to be called Direct Furnishing Supplies and June is the sixth month of the year.

Nice to see you back blogging LWM and feeling better after your September downer.

Ladybird World Mother said...

June and Troy... I like the way that June has raised issues that Troy has dealt with extrememly efficiently... thanks our Troy. Feeling much better, thanks, although life still rather busy.
Direct Furnishing Supplies?? Must tell Youngest. I think he should know, seeing as he likes the place so much. xxx

London City Mum said...

Sounds like the best way to deal with an Insect Day I have heard of to date.

Must take note for future reference.


Ladybird World Mother said...

LCM - Come along with us... all you need is a nice large bottom, and a sense of humour. Sorry, meant bottom and nice large sense of humour. Oh, and a fetish for knobs. That's you, eh? xx

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Ha, sounds like a great adventure. Can't recall my kids ever asking to go to a furniture store. Would have worked for me. Probably none of it had kid stains on it.

Reasons said...

You need to find a John Lewis. You can sit in the massage chairs and visit the cafe, a great day out!

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Pam said...

I'm glad Troy said was Inset day was. I do remember DFS. How funny that's where he wanted to go! You are a brave woman to engage the customer service guy because I get stressed out if the sales rep even says hello to me!

Tattie Weasle said...

I do worry about your penchant for DFS as a day out but I shouldn't really complain as my whole family had a planned day trip to Carrefour while on holiday in Saumur.....:)

trash said...

You should perhaps buy the book that nice non-shouty American man is reviewing. It could be something ace to read during your next marathon session at an Insect-day DFSathon.

Debs Carr said...

We don't have a DFS over here, but it sounds like you made the best of the place.

Mother Hen said...

How much were the electric chairs?? Need ideas for teenage boy for Christmas.

About Last Weekend said...

Hi nice to meet you Jody here, came through ironing mum. Oh Boring Man, we meet him in our travels too! In fact he was everywhere on our recent vacay!

Humdrum Mum said...

I never knew DFS could be so interesting! Is SCS any good either? I remember looking in one of those shops years ago and the assistant being horrified as I didn't know how to fluff cushions. Next insect day, here I come! =HMx

Anonymous said...

Family treats in your house - fabulous! What about Ikea?

Tattie Weasle said...

Helllooooo are you there Moriarty???!!!

Expat mum said...

I thought you meant the furnishing store, then assumed I must have been away from the UK for too long as why would a young child want to go to a....
But I was right. How very amusing.

Suburbia said...

DFS?!! Very strange choice, not sure I'd have given in!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Hello, all. Am here, Moriarty! Lovely comments as ever... will come round for a cuppa soon. Kettle on, please. xxxxx