Tuesday, 3 August 2010

All Laid On for us

Last night Husband phoned to say he was going to be home late. He sounded tired on the phone. We brought the conversation to an end and into Uber Wife Mode I went, whipping the house back into some semblance of order and briskly yelling at the children to do things. Somewhat randomly, but with some degree of success.
Youngest, caught up in the swing of it all, asked what he could do.
'Lay the table, please!' I asked, a little absently. Thinking to self that it was the easiest thing for a six year old to do. On his own. While I hurled food around and tried to make it look Master Cheffy.
Fifteen minutes later, happened to look at table. Youngest had been scurrying around, looking busy. Carrying things to table. Moving things off it.
And then I looked again. Because this is what he had done.

Two plates, very close together, a tomato on each one, the candle right next to us, everything in neat and tidy lines. Flowers picked from the garden. A water jug placed in line with everything else. Full to Brim. Candles sticks. Empty but so what. Heaven. Just looked and looked at it.
'D'you like it, Mummy?' asked Youngest. Looking a little anxious regarding my unusual Quietness.
'Love it, love it!' I said. And scooped him up in a great big hug.

When Husband got home he was shown the Table by a proud Youngest. Husband Ooh'ed and Ah'ed... Youngest looked pink with pleasure. He told Husband at great length how and why and what he had done. And Husband listened hard, well, he did after I kicked his ankle quite hard when it was clear he WASN'T listening. And when we finally got to eat supper, we kept the plates as they were and sat Very Close to each other. (Mind you, did move the candle as a little too close to right breast for comfort)
Until Husband nudged his elbow into my face one too many times, knocking lightly grilled salmon neatly down my bra, from whence I found I was unable to see it, as had gone down and under, if you see what I mean, and had to resort to trying to pick bits out and eat them. Nice.
Moved chairs to sensible distance then and talked about Nonsense till bedtime.
Thank you, Youngest. x