Friday, 21 September 2012

Le Pox de Poulet

It's back.
Bigger. More lethal.
Requiring attention and military detail.
Cancelling everything else in order to give time EXCLUSIVELY to it.
So familiar and yet so strange.
Chicken Pox is back.
Youngest has discovered spots in orifices he didn't even know he had.
Almost got to the point where they all join up.
Am doing comforting things and being generally rather a Good Egg.
He is not impressed.
At all.
'My bottom itches.  MUM. It ITCHES'
Clearly I can't scratch that area for him.  Can I?
And how on EARTH is he to scratch that one INSIDE HIS EAR.
Calamine lotion not here yet, as Husband will bring some.  Helpfully, he won't be home until 1.00 am.
Oh, well.
Meanwhile will continue to be in Patient Mother Mode (PMM) until Husband Get Home. (HGH)
Valium, anyone?

Friday, 7 September 2012

Farrow and Ball or Durex?

Very proud.  Have painted our sitting room a rather Farrow and Ball green, which goes extremely nicely with our white cupboards, and the gorgeous sunlight that streams through the windows for most of the day.  Thrilled with it.
Had interesting moment in B & Q when Middle Son and I were perusing the paint colours.  Did we want Forest Glade 4 or Evergreen 3?  Um.
A nightmare of gazing very closely at colours that are IDENTICAL.
With different names.
Middle Son said, very loudly in the middle of Paint Section of B & Q that he thought we should go and look in the Durex Section.
Got quite a few Looks from other paint enthusiasts.
Had to subdue giggles while peering closely at Brilliant DULUX White choices, as was finding it hard to hold it in, as it were.
Middle Son pink with embarrassment, but also finding it hard not to break into hysteria.  So joined me by the Brilliant White section, and we both laughed hard but silently, into the 5 litre paint pots until we had maintained some sort of equilibrium.
Bought our paint.
Came home.
Ta da!!