Friday, 22 March 2013

There isn't one

It is so maddening when one is in the mood to write a post, but there is absolutely no memory of  a good 'post' to write about.  In my early days of blogging I would dash to the computer after a particularly amusing occasion, hit those keys for about twenty minutes, check for errors, and then press that Publish Post button.  Easy peezy! (peasy? peesy?) (peazey?)
Not any more.  Scratching my head for inspiration (actually can safely say that have never scratched head for inspiration, only for nits or something scratchy) and NOTHING appears on brain radar to write about. 
Oh, well.  Could write about Middle Son's unbelievably long fart the other day... must have been a good 20 seconds of trumpeting while we looked on, stunned.  You try counting that long, and then you'll appreciate the longevity (can farts have longevity?) of said let off.
But that would be juvenile and immature, and you KNOW how I hate that.
So instead perhaps I could tell you about Youngest being ill, and how he saw a spider on the pillow of his 'day bed' (sofa to me and you) and screamed the house down, real tears, shuddering by the window and howling full mouthed and shrieking as I dashed through to the sitting room, leaving the tap full on in the kitchen, thinking he was being murdered at the very least. 
But I won't tell you about that (his tears turned to laughter while he was telling me about the ENORMOUS spider on the pillow, with HAIR and BODY and MUMMY IT WAS HORRIBLE)
( I laughed too and we giggled companiably together while we got his 'day bed' (sofa) back together again.) because I already just did.
Or I could write about our dog Milo eating an entire loaf of bread which Husband had left out one morning when going to work, and how I had to go to the fecking shop to get some more.
Or how I have to use sellotape to whisk the cat hairs off my duvet when the blasted cat sleeps on my bed all day, exacerbating my asthma. (brilliant method, get some really WIDE and sticky sellotape, works a treat).
The problem is that life is really good at the moment.  Shit weather, mind you, but lovely otherwise.
Children are working away at school.  Eldest is in London, getting on with life, exactly as he should be.  Husband is beavering away at work, but enjoying his days.  I am working hard at my job, and also managing to get the ironing done by the weekend.  A small but miraculous event.
Am I not a boring self satisfied old cow?
OK.  Enough of the old.
Just boring and self satisfied.
Oh, well.  Enough said for today.  Will try hard to find SOMETHING to blog about that either informs or entertains.  I don't think long farts, spiders,bread eating dogs. or sellotape fall under either category.
Night, night.


Expat mum said...

Well done. Managed to squeeze a very entertaining post out of nothing much.

Liz said...

I think you could write about your wall paper and still be both funny and entertaining.

My husband prides himself on the length of some of his farts. Must be a man thing.

Humdrum Mum said...

A wonderfully written non smug post. If I wrote it, it'd sound smug. How do you do it? -HMx

Ladybird World Mother said...

I love you all. Mwah!! (that's the sound of a kiss, ok?) xxxxx

Troy said...

Of course a fart has longevity - have you never left one under a heavy duvet and rediscovered it in fine fettle later?

Ladybird World Mother said...

No, Troy. I haven't. Have you? Ewwww.
(quiet snigger)xxxxx
(lying through teeth)

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